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Vaginal Itch
14 Replies
Josephine - January 28

After my menstrual periods, I always experience vaginal itchiness. I started having this itchy feelings in my vagina after taking an infertility pills for almost a month. Is this normal or is this some kind of infertility side effects?


jobelyn - January 29

Vaginal itching is uneasy irritation of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area. And maybe you are true with your suspicion that it's cause by the contraceptive pills you are taking and it's one of it's side effect.


devorah_lee - January 29

Oh really? I have taken one contraceptive but never had experience such irritation in my vagina..I think it's the other way see, there are many other factors that can cause vagina to itch. Can I ask you a personal question, Josephine? How long are you with your partner? When you're having sex, do you use some kind of protection like condom? Don't want to scare you but some vaginal itchiness is cause by STD or some other kind of transmitted diseases.


pretty mhama - February 1

Vaginal itch can be very embarrassing. Some may have it because of a certain contraceptive pills that she's using. Worst may be if she has some kind of yeast infection. So, go to your nearest gynecologist and ask her opinion regarding your problem.


jobelyn - February 1

I do agree! If you have experience a vaginal itch you should never hide it from a certain Doctor. Itching should be immediately brought to a health care provider's attention. I don't want to scare you, but in rare cases, vaginal itching is a sign of having a vulvar cancer.


mhalz77 - February 3

When i was still single, i suffered a vaginal itchiness.So, i consulted a doctor and then she did the papsmear test.AFterwards, she told me that i was abundant of white blood cells and i do have an infection that's why it's very itchy..In your case, I think this is not because of the pills that you are taking because ever since i haven't tried taking pills but still i suffered vaginal itchiness.It's really normal that when your having your period your vagina get so itchy because of the discharges.


mHarianne - February 3

one of the common causes of vaginal itching is the vaginal yeast infection.vaginal yeast infection can be brought on by antibiotics, menstruation and birth control pills.and since you are using pills this might be the, you better consult this to your doctor.


Uhanne - February 3

How about, you may change the brand of the napkin you've been using. You might allergy to that brand.


mHarianne - February 4

i think brand of a napkin has nothing to do with this ms. Uhanne.Sorry, but this is just my opinion.


wicked_mom - February 4

I agree with Mharianne.Napkin has nothing to do with itchiness because Josephine states that vaginal itchiness occurs "after menstrual period".so, it's understood that she's no longer wearing napkin the time she felt the itchiness.common sense.


lovely mae - February 5

Nope, napkin can also irritates the vagina..that's why it can also be the cause probably of some vaginal itch in women.


Terry3332 - February 9

Napkins and tissues can make itchiness sometimes. there are woman who even they don't have a monthly period, they are still using napkins to protect them from being wet.(a white blood)


mercury - February 9

I have a friend who for one thing for sure, her bag has tissues, use to wipe away after urinating. This tissues can cause an itchiness in the outer skin of the vagina.


alicia - April 14

Vaginal itching can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases or infections. If you're pregnant when you experience vaginal itching, you should know that the most common reason for vaginal itching during pregnancy are the normal changes to the vaginal PH level which can cause topical irritations. Vaginal yeast infections also are notorious for persistent vaginal itching.


kelly thomas - April 14

sometimes itchiness in the different parts of our body happens because of some allergies with the foods we eat..that's why to avoid any itch, better know all the foods and the effects of it in your body when you eat it.



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