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Varicose Veins
13 Replies
Sedney - March 25

I'm so worried about the varicose veins in my legs . I've heard that it may worsen when I become pregnant. Is it true?


Cathy - March 25

The problem of varicose veins can sometimes be hereditary and can be manifested early. Yes, it can be worsen if the the pregnant woman may not be very careful; she may not carry a heavy objects or standing up, or sitting down most of the time.


Jiekie - March 25

There are available medications for your problem about varicose veins. If the affected veins are the small ones only, you may use creams. If it is moderate use tablets and if it is severe then it is needed an operation.


tonette - March 25

Yes, it will probably be worsen when you will get pregnant because varicose veins is one of the most common complications during pregnancy that you will be experiencing more if your varicose veins will not be treated as soon as possible.


Chelsea#78 - March 26

Yes, it is true. Varicose veins are a result of defective valves in the lower extremities. The blood that goes down to the feet to supply them with oxygen and also to bring back the carbon dioxide, which is a waste product of our body. The valves in the veins are the support that will push the blood up and not let it stay down in your legs.Since the blood flow is going up against gravity, when these valves are defective, the veins become prominent and swollen.


chally - March 27

yes it is true that pregnancy makes you more of susceptible from having varicose veins. that is why it is advisable for pregnant women to make some exercise daily like brisk walking to help out regulate the blood circulation.


violet - March 28

yes, it will probably worsen I have heard a lot of pregnant women complaining about their varicose veins during pregnancy and that it's really not good to look at..


Juliet - March 30

It may be true. That's if the pregnant woman would not be careful in her everyday chore. It is not advisable for her to carry heavy objects. This may trigger for the varicose veins.


fionah jane - April 1

It depends on what kind of varicose veins you are having because those who are having mild varicose veins can be cured by some treatments, like creams and lotion..but those who have I think serious kinds of varicose veins can't be treated through some creams and lotion and it really worsen during their pregnancy.


Marthys - April 1

There are herbal lotion that can penetrates the skin to help eliminate those varicose veins.


devine grace - April 3

I also had varicose veins before.. but my friend recommended a lotion that is so good in eliminating a varicose veins. I tried it and it works!


Divine - April 3

Varicose Veins is not good to look at. Its appearance can destruct the beauty of the legs of the woman. So, others would wore stockings so to prevent the exposure of the varicose veins.


Sheryn - April 9

There are medical socks which can help ease the pain and prevent the varicose to worst the situation.


april6 - April 11

it could be true sedney. those varicose veins would be worsen when you will get pregnant maybe because you have to do a lot of exercise.



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