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VERY frequent UTIs
6 Replies
Saffron - February 2

I don't know if any of you suffer from this too because I feel like the only one, but I get unusually common uti's (just had 3 in the past 3 months) and I'm not sure how to stop getting them! I do everything I'm suppose to do: go to the bathroom before and after sex, don't hold it in too long, wipe from front to back, etc. and I've even taken cranberry supplements and B-Mannose and I keep getting them. Of course the doctor doesn't really question anything even after I tell them how many I get, and just gives me antibiotics, but I'm getting worried that the antibiotics are gonna stop working soon because I've been getting prescribed to so many of them in such a short amount of time. Oh yeah... and then on top of them I get yeast infections cause the antibiotics kill all the natural in my vagina.

Do any of you know anything that I can do? or do any of you know if a doctor can prescribe me something other than antibiotics for it? It's getting pretty ridiculous!


Artemis - February 2

I know exactly what your talking about - others say they get re-occurant uti's - how bout this... I get them basically EVERYTIME I have sex or even sometimes after masturbation I feel the familiar feelings of a UTI settling in.

I've heard it all and follow the rules...peeing, wiping, pill popping, juice drinking, water guzzling, washing, clean undies, std checks....the works! I still get them

It has come to the point where the doc prescribed a drug specific for uti's and I have to pop one EVERYTIME I have sex. Its so wrong!

who the wants to jump outta bed after some nookie and go to the toilet, try to pee or squeeze at least a few drops out everytime? what about having to have a shower to wash away the nasties when your tired and its cold?

I've had a scan that looked to see if I am expelling urine completely and I was all okay. Doctors continue to tell me to take pills and repeat the same advice I've heard a million times.

personally I don't think anyone can offer any more advice that I haven't heard already but its good to vent and see if anyone else out there struggles with the same issues.


Tiana - February 2

I also get frequent UTI's (once a month) and have also tried everything. Cranberry pills didn't work for me; neither did the horrid unsweetened cranberry juice. I also didn't want to continue taking the antibiotics (plus they gave me yeast infections).

I finally decided to see a Naturopath (holistic health doctor) and she found the cure! She gave me a liver tincture (not sure what it contained). It also tastes horrible, but it did the trick

Good luck!


Jolie - February 2

Three things I do that have really slowed the number of UTIs I get:

1). Get rid of the perfumed soaps in the shower or bathtub. You don't need them to smell clean to your guy!
2) Cotton panties during the day. No panties at all while sleeping. Make sure you have plenty of air circulation down there.
3) When using the toilet, face backwards towards the wall. This was a new one to me but a college suit-mate swore that it worked and in my experience, it does! Supposedly sitting like this creates a better position that makes it easier to drain all the urine when you use the toilet. I always feel silly doing it but as long as it works


Liberty - February 2

Ladies, there's hope for frequent UTIs. I understand EXACTLY where you're coming from. It made it so that I didn't even want to have sex because I knew exactly what would happen the next morning.

If you've tried it all: gallons of water, hundreds of cranberry pills, standing up while peeing, there's more than can be done. I know that going to see your doctor over and over gets frustrating and expensive, so talk to her about the different pills you can get for this. Don't just get medication after you get a UTI, take medication before it happens. They can give you a 6 month course of the same medication that you would normally take after each episode. Also, they have one pill medications that can be taken after intercourse. If that doesn't work, a urologist can do a scan and see if your urethra opening is smaller which traps the bacteria. The test is very minimally invasive and will save you from a life of misery.

You can't say you have tried it all if you haven't approached your doctor about these things. The information can be found at the national Kidney site or you can google "frequent utis" and go to the site there.

Good luck ladies!! I feel your pain (unfortunately). I hope this information changes your life like it has mine!


Monick55 - February 5

Upon reading your shared forum, I've got knowledge of how to do if we have this kind if disease. But still the best for as my feminine wash is still the plain water.


heatherlyn - February 7

Just ask or consult the experts regarding this matter. UTI, if not immediately be given a proper medication, it will complicate to a very serious health problems. So, act on it now!



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