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virgin at 28 y/o
15 Replies
Felice - February 27

this may be absurd but i am just concern more now than 2 years ago when i was still 26. i felt like i am not healthy anymore most women do. i do have a bf but he is sort of not that into it, we tried but it just really hurts a lot and so nothing has come into penetration other than foreplaying.


cynthia - February 27

so you never had any bf at all since birth or a partner and never engaged into something intimate with an opposite sex?


tanya - February 27

this is my opinion, we women actually need that certain intimacy with an opposite person because we need to eventually develop our hormonal changes.


ivy - February 28

i've read once that by not sexually active at the right age, one may suffer f rom sort of perlvic condition.


clarice - February 28

they said that as u grow older, the hymen's elacticity loses and yet this will lead you in having difficulty with some sexual intercourse with your partner.


Rednee - February 28

it is good of you! you are still a virgin woman but at your age you must consult to an obyne so you can be given a vitamin appropriate of your age.


heatherlyn - February 28

There's nothing wrong being virgin at the age of 28. Me, I'm still virgin too at the same age. When I had my first sexual intercourse with my husband, of course, since I'm a virgin that time, it's really quite painful and it even hurts so much. But later on, as you often do it, it will gradually change into a very pleasant sensation. I tell you, if you practice it more often, then you will also get used to it.


Glyrease - March 1

Good that you have not made it because it is not proper to do a sexual act if you are not yet married.In doing premarital sex is not good.Only in marriage can its wonders really unfold.


cheska - March 12

Of course it really hurt for the first time, but later in your way of doing it again and again..the hurt would definitely gone. It's a matter of practice, I guess. If your boyfriend is not into it, then you the first move..I'm sure, he will follow what you want him to do for you.


lorraine - March 16

You better consult a certain gynecologist to know more about your condition.


Glende - March 20

Don't worry, you must not think of negative idea. Good that you are still a virgin. It is a gift coming from God to your husband to be.


jeya rynn - March 21

Well, for me, there's really nothing serious about your condition. It just that you need a lot of sexual practice I guess, since you too are not into it, so you experience pain whenever you have sex. But if you will have to constantly having sexual act, then the pain will just disappear.


Hyacinth - April 11

Why not tell your bf do it a little more harder. :) But i guess its not bad to be virgin.


Maryfil - April 11

Maybe your boyfriend is not really into you that is why nothing intimate is happening between you and boyfriend.


Darlene - April 11

If it really hurts, let him insert his organ once you feel very wet to avoid the too much pain.


Maricar - April 11

There is usually pain at first, but eventually the pain will be gone.



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