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Weird Periods
8 Replies
Chandra - January 29

Last month my period was so light I was able to use panty liners for protection. This month, on January 5th, I got the heaviest period of my life. I soaked through pads, very clotty, it was a mess. This period lasted for about 8 days.

Yesterday, the 21st, I got my period again. What is going on? I just had my annual checkup and the dr said that I could be going through perimenopause. I just want to stop bleeding.

Any thoughts?


Freya - January 29

At your age I went through the same thing. I am still in peri, but 51 now and the periods last only two days, but day two is a doozy and then I spot a little for a number of days.


Lavinia - January 29

The exact same thing also happened to me. But it only lasted for 5 days. I can't take another day of that. I felt so itchy and I wanted to shower all the time, it's just a very uncomfortable and annoying period. But I'm sure you'll get through it. Hang in there.


Kendra - January 29

This type of bleeding is very typical during peri-menopause. About the only way to stop your periods from doing pretty much as they please is to begin some form of hormone therapy. Very often, as long as a woman is still having periods, a doctor will prescribe Birth Control pills to regulate the periods.

Contact your doctor and ask for an appointment to discuss your options with him/her. It sounds as if doctor is at least aware that peri-menopause happens - and that is important.


Ralphina - January 29

It sounds like peri to me! In peri, your periods can get longer, shorter, lighter, heavier, closer together or farther apart. And can change from month to month.

How long ago did you see your gyn? Did you tell him/her about the irregular bleeding? If not call and ask to talk to the nurse.

I always tell women that ANY unusual bleeding should be checked. The normal age range for peri is 46-53 with 51 being the average.


kate - April 9

I haven't heard of this before. You should ask your doctor for some advice and do what she recommends. But I guess that situation is typical during pre-menopause period. I hope your fine already.


beth - April 9

In your case, i think this is normal because one sign of perimenopause is the period changes.You can experience short or long period, heavy or light period or even missing a period. But, to take your worries away, just ask and consult your doctor.


jinky - April 10

Your period is really so weird indeed. Well, if I were you I better ask the doctor's opinion about it. There's should always be a cause why like this happens..


Nennen - April 10

I think there is something which needed an urgent attention. Don't take this for granted that you've got to hear a hearsay from not so sure diagnose, it is better to see a doctor immediately.



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