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What are the sypmtoms of cervical cancer?
10 Replies
Artemis - February 8

I have been experiencing lower abdomen pain and yellow discharge for few months now. But I am not sexually active. could it be cervical cancer?


Ardis - February 8

hello Artemis,in the very early stages of cervical cancer, there are very few or none existent symptoms, have you had a smear test? just because you haven't had sex in a while doesn't mean you don't have an infection, I have had pre-cancer cells 3 times, in different stages, up to stage 3, but had no symptoms. Doesn't sound it's anything to worry about, but do go to your doctor just to be on the safe side.


Shoshana - February 8

Do you have a slight fever at all? From what I've been told, something like Pelvic Inflammatory disease is characterized by yellow discharge and abdominal pain, but it usually is accompanied by a low grade fever. It could also be some sort of bacterial infection. Wouldn't hurt to get a screen for all STDs if you've ever been and get a papsmear. As the other poster said, usually in the early stages of cervical cancer there are few signs until it progresses, but some signs would be pelvic pain, pain with urination, unusual heavy discharge that may be foul smelling, watery, thick, or have mucus, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex, bleeding after exams and abnormally heavy bleeding in general. Like anything else, it will vary from woman to woman, but regardless, you should go see a doctor, especially if the discharge has lasted for months and it's not your normal discharge.


Lexie - February 8

Don't think worst case scenario. It could be anything! Simply your regular discharge and a kidney infection. Why would you assume cancer? Do see your doctor I'm sure your fine.


Xylia - February 8

I don't think that's cervical cancer. However, it's very possible that you're experiencing symptomps for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Symptoms include, lower abdominal pain, fever, cervical discharge, and abnormal uterine bleeding are common, particularly during or after menses. I would advise you to see a Gynecologist for better diagnosis.


NanieDee - February 9

Hello! You are asking if the pain you've experience is a cervical cancer but I think it is not. Don't think any morbid idea. But I understand your situation, you are worried because I think you've heard about cancer but don't panic. See a gynecologist to be sure of your situation.


Paulien - February 10

There are feelings of which you can not explain, this is one of the symptoms


helen of troy - February 22

Symptoms of cervical cancer is hard to identify until the cancer spreads. And when you found it, it's already malignant.


tonette - February 22

There are many symptoms of cervical cancer. The following are:

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Pain during sexual intercourse
Abnormal vaginal discharge


Florepez#88 - February 22

yes, it is natural feeling to those who have experience unusual, we may think that our feeling might be a symptom of the illness of a friend, of a relative, of the news we recently read, and so many causes of this thoughts. But don't overreacted you might acquire an illness that can not be found physically but only in the...MIND.


june - April 13

Common cervical cancer early symptoms include these symptoms:

* Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse
* Pelvic pain
* Pain during sexual intercourse
* Unusual vaginal discharge
* Abnormal
bleeding between menstrual periods
* Heavy bleeding during your menstrual period
* Increased urinary frequency



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