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Wrenching Decision
8 Replies
Florie367 - February 5

I am pregnant of five weeks, when my doctor,a gynecologist, examined my breast and and then the doctor felt something in one of my breast, he ordered a sonogram, standard procedure for a pregnant woman with a suspect lump.Deep within me is the crucial decision to continue the pregnancy or not.


mhalz77 - February 6

you should continue that unless your doctor told you not to continue the pregnancy...just consult your doctor and always listen to his advice...just pray and have faith in God.


Bheck@green - February 6

Correct! Don't make your own decision, just wait for the findings of the doctor. Don't make a drastic move.


fionah jane - February 8

Yes, I think you need to continue on your pregnancy. Who knows there is nothing serious with the lump.Don't just make any decision that you might regret later on.


Merlie56 - February 8

A baby is a good gift which God has given to us. Be careful in your decision.I understand of your situation. You are thinking the outcome that the sonogram may cause. But be strong!


Hewchen - February 9

I understand why you are in the crucial decision. It is because you are worried that the baby will be affected by the sonogram.And you could have a disabled baby. But this treatment doesn't have a side effect of the fetus inside the womb.


melody - February 12

It's really hard to decide on your part because both are very essential and important. But priority as they said is a matter of life and death. You are the one who should make such decision, whatever it is, make sure it's really for the best and it's the right one!


cetienx - February 19

Hello there! it looks like you are afraid of having a baby because of your present situation, but there are now medication for it.


geraldine - February 22

I guess, let yourself decide on it. Or better yet, consult your doctor and ask for an advice on what are the proper things you need to do. Who knows it's possible and there's nothing to be afraid or worry about the process he ordered.



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