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Abused by Relatives
9 Replies
Jinky008 - January 29

My friend told me that she was abused by her father and brother. It started when she was still 15 years old. Because of such abuse, as what she told me, her outer vagina has been deformed. I haven't told anyone about this because I trust no one.


Coulgate45 - January 30

Consult a medical expert about this physical problem and also seek an advise about your situation. You are abused then make a complain to the authority of what they've done to you. You lost your self worthiness.So, stand for your right.


geraldine - February 2

Such a pity! How can a brother and a father do such an animal act! Well, in her case she should have reported this to authorities so that her father and brother would be given a lesson and so that they can't do this to others especially if she has other sisters.


lovely mae - February 4

This issue should be brought up to authorities so that they will be put to jail for the crime they have committed to such friend of yours.


heatherlyn - February 8

I pity her..does her other relatives not affected of what happened? I mean what kind of family she has? There's no good..all are bad?


kent21 - April 9

That's very complicated. I think you should help her. First thing is to bring her to a doctor and have her check up. Then bring her to a counseling.


joanne - April 10

Yes, i also agree. If you are really concerned with your friend, you help her by taking her to a specialist and help her find a good counselor who could give her proper counseling..because what she's been through is very traumatic.


Marylyn - April 10

It is difficult to say something about your friend. Her vaginal deformities was caused of the abusive own father and brother, wasn't it. How dare those relatives are! How about fighting for justice of her situation. There are authorities which are willing to help this case. And there are also agencies who are willing to shoulder the funds for repairing the deformed vagina.


vivian - April 10

I guess, she just keep this by herself because she don't want others to know how bad her relatives are for doing such crazy things to her. But I think she really need to come out in the open so that this same situation could not also happen to others.


Irene - April 11

I was so touch of the story of your life, hopefully you have a nerve to come out to the open, so that your Father and your brother receive a punishment.



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