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Alcohol Intake
13 Replies
Zoniette - January 31

Every night I need to drink liquor so I can sleep deeply. Can this be the reason that until now I have not yet conceiving? Please do help me.


jinky - February 1

Very much! Excessive drinking of alcohol is one of the main causes of infertility problem. So, if I were you,I would stop the habit especially if you are planning to have a family in the future.


geraldine - February 4

Ask your doctor about the effects that will cause by drinking too much alcohol to your infertility and most of all to your body.


dominique - February 5

Yes, I think it is. Why practicing such habit..when you yourself know it will greatly cause bad effects to your body? Much more, if you want something like preserving your fertility, you need to put a little sacrifice on yourself so that you will succeed on the things you want to have.


rhenze_fhe - February 5

Yes,indeed. Drinking any alcoholic drinks can damage your fertility.You can substitute your habit of drinking in eating more fruits and vegetables and if possible drink fresh milk.


monique - February 8

Yes, drinking alcohol must be avoided for fertility sake and for health reason as well.


monique - February 16

I used to drink alcohol before but since no levels of alcohol is proven safe, I stopped drinking it..because I have better plans for the future..building my own family and I can't achieve it, if I lose my fertility by continuing drinking alcoholic drinks.


Danielle - February 16

very well indeed. it can affect the infertility of a woman. if the woman is already pregnant, the possibility is the development of the fetus would be affected, there might have a retarded growth or malformed features of the baby.


cream - February 16

aside from being infertility, alcohol intake, the person may could have cirrhosis of the liver.


ysah - February 19

Yes, it's that is sure to be the reason why until now you are still not conceiving. Effects of liquor on our body is really beyond our can even cause a fatal death.


agnesK. - April 10

Why not try to lessen or maybe stop it. Drinking alcohol brings lots of effects/negative effects to our body and I believe infertility is one.


monique - April 10

Probably, it's the cause of your infertility, because rather than drinking liquor, you did not mention any other causes of it.


Lynzzy - April 10

So, you are already an alcohol dependent? You can not sleep without taking alcohol, can you? How about seeing a doctor and ask his/her advice, both of you.


cathy - April 10

yeah, you already know about the bad effects of alcohol not just to you but to your better stop that bad habit so you can still manage to be pregnant and give birth in the future.



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