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Alternating what works for you is extremely beneficial
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hepee - January 9

Missing time from school, work, and relationship difficulties all added up for me too. Since I was 15 I had painful cycles and between cycles. Last week I just underwent the removal of my uterus and cervix. I hope that with meditation and reading, I can find healing and support.

It feels as though life is not fair, and you find yourself angry with those who haven't "walked in your shoes", but still have nerve enough to make rude comments about your situation. I don't blame other people for avoiding the thought of what it would be like to be me when I have symptoms, or miss out on work, etc. It would be good if the people for which a woman has to discuss her medical issues with, could work on solutions for a productive future for her, rather than wash their hands clean of it.

When positive support is given to individuals who are having medical issues, their lives in the workplace, and at home, can change for the better. When I decided to take charge of my life, and make it better, I couldn't have done it without the support of family and friends. I chose alternative methods as well as conventional means (medication from time to time), and found I had fewer symptoms. Pain from Endometriosis can be reduced but only if you have the right support, frame of mind to make changes, and commit to them.

Making the most of symptom free days was great, but I found myself apologizing more often than not for being absent when I had symptoms. Now I state my reason for missing work, etc., but there is no need to apologize. Does anyone apologize for having a cold? Hormones can change so much about a person. When I read stories about how endometriosis has affected a woman, her partner, her family, her lifestyle and much more, I relate and sympathize.

Finding what works to eliminate the symptoms can be a very big task, not to mention an emotional one. I know that my story is similar, and/or different to other women. At the same time we all share the need to be loved and supported. I'm not sure if I have found a concrete solution for all the symptoms, but I have noticed that different forms of meditation have worked for me on different days. It all depends on the amount of pain I am experiencing. I only hope that what I have written will open up other women to try different methods for coping with endometriosis.

The doctor had me on a strict diet of mostly raw fruits and vegetables with some brown rice and baked potatoes. I did eat organic butter. During that time took herbs like fuyan pill to eliminate inflammation and clean my blood. After only 2 weeks of meditation people started saying to me, "You seem so happy with your life right now". I was and I still am. I cut out almost all meat, with the only meat being organic maybe 1 time a month. I think eating all the chicken, and learning about all the hormones they put in the meat, along with all the stress I was under caused the disease. I didn't believe in alternative methods at first. I thought they would be too time consuming and difficult.

I have accepted that change is inevitable, and although there are things I can do to make my life better, the present solutions may not work in the future. Alternating what works for you is very helpful.



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