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Queensley - February 26

I have met two ladies so far whose Husband has azoospermia. I was wondering if there was anyone else out here facing this same type of problem?


Piper - February 26

hello. just consider me number three. my hubby has the same problem. our situation is kind of unique. he lacks the vas on the left side due to being a carrier of cystic fibrosis, and the right side, the RE found during surgery(TESE/MESA) was completely blocked. but the doctor found plenty of sperm in the testicles to use in IVF/ICSI we have scheduled.


Dalena - February 26

My husband was diagnosed with azoosperma about a year and a half ago. RE is not exactly sure what the cause of it is nor was his regular endocrinologist. We do know that his testosterone level is very low so just last week he started a testosterone treatment.we are going to see if that helps. male infertility can be a very hard issue to deal with when we first found out he took it very hard. I would be very interested to find out how other husbands dealt with the news.


Chandra - February 26

I am next with husband who has azoospermia. We have a reason for his. He had testicular cancer and had to have the bad one removed. We have yet to see if sperm production will return, but the Doctor says don't count on it. We hope it will because we know that he had sperm at one point because he has a daughter from a previous marriage.


Freya - February 26

My husband had testicular cancer, too. The biopsy on his good one (TESE) to extract the few sperm he has was so scary for him. We prayed so hard that it wouldn't destroy his testicle. Our first cycle failed, but they saved 3 vials of sperm so we start #2 on Monday. Good luck!


cheryl - March 1

My husband to has azoospermia,and until now we are in the process of treatment..hope we could get positive result for almost 6 years of treatment.


cynthia - March 17

I do have a brother in law who is also suffering from azoospermia. He is undergoing some treatment and hopefully, it would be a success.


rhea mae - March 24

There are many men I guess, who are suffering with azoozpermia. But there are few men who I think was able to accept the problems of infertility they are having.


geraldine - March 31

Azoospermia is the infertility problem many men are having. But I have heard that there's a good treatment for this. So, it's not the end of the line for men who are having such kind of infertility problems because there are still chances of them to be treated and could have a baby in the future.


Aldrine - April 1

This is a kind of infertility but through treatment it can be corrected. My friend had a problem of this kind but the good news he was given a child who incidentally was left at their door. Together with his wife, they took good care the child even though the child does not their biologically. The child is very talented who give light to their home. Don't worry if you have infertility, only God knows best.



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