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Certified Diabetic
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monah liza - January 31

Hi guys, nice to have this forum where I could share some of my thoughts about my problem. I'm a certified diabetic and I think I will have this for the rest of my life. I'm still single, but already engaged and plan to have a family in the future. What makes me frustrate, is when I know that one of the complications of being a diabetic is infertility. Can this mean it's also impossible for me to have a child in the future?


jamaica - January 31

Fortunately, medical studies find out that most cases of infertility, whether the complications are diabetes-related or not can be treated.
In cases where infertility is related to insulin levels, correcting the imbalance is often enough to result in a successful pregnancy.


linda - January 31

Do not lose hope, bearing a child is still possible for you. Proper exercise programs, vitamins and weight loss alone will result in ovulation about one-third of the time. When Clomiphene Citrate, Metformin and Letrozole are used to treat the remainder of infertility patients more than 80% of infertile couples are able to conceive, if there are no other infertility problems aside from diabetes.


diana - January 31

If you don't mind telling me your weight? Cause obesity and insulin resistance are two of the most common factors that lead to infertility, especially female infertility.


Bella - January 31

Monah Liza, getting pregnant even with a diabetes is possible but you need to be in perfect control of your blood sugar. This absolutely means you need to watch your insulin and hemoglobin levels. So is with your weight. Watch what you eat, exercise properly and make sure that you have adequate nutrition with a vitamin supplement and your chances of conception will improve .


jobelyn - February 2

Not all diabetic people are infertile. There are women who have been infertile for years, suddenly become pregnant after starting to use medications that can help reduce their blood sugar levels.


Sandra - February 10

Diabetes, if left untreated,can lead to heart disease, stroke,kidney failure, even death. The pregnant woman may not aware that this can delay fertility.


berry - April 13

Be very careful with the foods you intake and have enough exercise. Let your fiance know about your condition and he'll help you.



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