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cheapest infertility treatment
15 Replies
sheena - March 26

What is the cheapest infertility treatment you can suggest to me that is also very effective? Please, I want to be treated with my infertility problems but I don't have the money so I'm asking for a cheaper one. Any idea please..


rina - March 27

basically, for me, if you say cheapest then that would be changing any lifestyle that may compromised your infertility. there are infertility drugs out there for that are cheap and affordable..


Laura - March 28

ask your doctor before taking any medication...don't ask for the cheapest, rather the extra careful.don't rely on ordinary people's advice but the professional's advice because your health is at stake.


joyce - March 28

i just wanna ask what causes your infertility because treatment depends on the cause of infertility..


geraldine - March 28

I think there's no cheapest treatment..all the treatment are quite expensive but it's easy if you have such infertility can be of great help.


sheena - March 29

I really don't know what causes my infertility. Before, i used to think that I'm very much healthy and no problem of getting myself pregnant..but then I was wrong..we are already married for almost two years but still I'm not pregnant..that's why I think that probably, may have a problem of infertility and I do want to be treated.


cheryl - March 30

Infertility insurance is also not a good offers a lot of benefits but actually, it's kind of the same in financing the infertility treatment yourself.


Lucy - April 3

the cheapest is the works of nature, prayer and the uses of fruits and vegetables. Faith and hope must have a room in your life.


Amythest - April 3

there are herbal medicine that can be seen in the environment. how about taking this kind of those things in the kitchen. Like onions and garlic.


heatherlyn - April 3

Yeah, I agree..the cheapest infertility treatment is the one that's made having to take infertility herbs, and other vegetables and foods that good in restoring the fertility of a person.


GoogDle - April 4

I guess for me, the best thing to do is to ask your doctor before getting some insights from most of us in this forum. We might be suggesting things that might affect your health, so it is best to be safe 'cause your health will be at risk in here.


Marriam - April 9

For me the cheapest infertility treatment is PRAY. It is the best and the cheapest because we can do nothing without God. Let Him controls your life. He can do impossible thing to become possible.


dixie - April 13

Clomid comes in pill form and your dosage will be prescribed by your doctor. Although the online retailers say no prescription needed, I had a prescription for it. Clomid is the least powerful in the infertility meds arsenal. Expect less results but also less chance of a large multiple pregnancy. Twins have been known to happen but it is not as common as you would think. I noticed pain in my sides where the cysts started growing large when I took Clomid. Besides that, I felt no different. Some women feel weepy and have mood swings. I really didn't feel any kind of mood difference except irritated about the cysts. With Clomid, they do not do ultrasounds frequently as with other more powerful infertility drugs.


Danica - April 14

You eat these aphrodisiac food and drinks.


Cheska - April 14

For me, proper diet, exercise regularly, maintain a stress free life, and take a lot of rest. This is not just to the woman but to man as well.


Eula - April 14

Have you tried using herbal teas? If not yet, please do. Who knows, your problem might be address. Good Luck and just keep on trying.



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