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Chocolate Can Cause Infertility
18 Replies
Johanna - February 16

Is it true that their are certain ingredients in chocolates that can cause infertility? I love to eat chocolates that's why I'm very bothered with this because until now, since me and my husband were married last year, we still don't get pregnant.


jinky - February 16

Yeah, I have read also an article in a certain magazine that states about chocolates as one of the causes of infertility. But don't just believe in this yet because who knows if this really true or not? What you need to do is to see immediately an experts and have the different fertility test to know the real reason why you still don't get pregnant until now.


Lana - February 16

It is the caffeine, found in coffee, teas, cola, and chocolate which has been said to reduce both male and female fertility levels. As little as one cup of coffee a day can cut your chances of conception in half.


Tessa - February 16

Oh my gosh. Is this true? Maybe this is one of the reasons why up to now me and my husband are not able to have a baby yet. We are both a coffee addict and love sweets.


frenziex - February 16

I don't think so, I was in great favor to eat chocolate. But I got pregnant for five times, and "praise God" they are all healthy.


trixy - February 18

This is really a bad news for me. I'm a chocolate lover.This is definitely not true. Tell me you are just joking, right?


fionah jane - February 19

Many people love to eat chocolate and so far, I still did not hear them complain about having to experience infertility problems. So, I think this is just a hersey and there really no truth behind this news.


GraceChen - February 23

if you have a hypertension then you are advice not to eat chocolate but if you are not then there's nothing to stop in eating chocolate.


Agapeth - February 25

the ingredient of the chocolate can trigger the blood pressure. So eating chocolate can be done moderately.


Janeth - February 27

why is it? is it because of the ingredients? I may be ignorance of this information but I want to know more why it may become.


rhea mae - March 19

If chocolate can cause infertility, I think not all..probably, there are some few chocolate brands that can cause infertility because of some ingredients in it.


beverly - March 20

I didn't know this thing I may be not updated the information but as far as I know, chocolate may cause high blood pressure. And if a person has a high blood pressure it may cause risk situation of life much more to reproduce.


shane - March 23

I don't believe in's not because I love to eat chocolate but because it's so impossible and it's beyond truth already.


AnneLou - March 25

I was addicted to chocolate. The craving for the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth confection intensified. It was more than a mere desire to satiate my sweet tooth-this demand for chocolate was so strong that it forced me to get out of bed and search the house. But still I have five children. How come that it may cause infertility?


Kenneth - March 26

I think there are some reasons why you have not yet get pregnant. But to be sure you must consult this to the expert to get the correct medication.


jean - April 13

Only if the ingredients of the food, as far as I know contains caffeine can cause infetility. But I think chocolates is not the cause of being infertile. In fact chocolate can only increase sugar level of the body.


Libby22 - October 10

I eat lots of chocolate, but im getting pregnant but not staying pregnant, to many chemicals.



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