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Chromosome testing-make sure they do it
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Ralphina - February 23

After 2 painful miscarriages, I decided to switch from my OBGyn to an RE just in case something was wrong. I'm glad I did... After the whole battery of initial tests, everything with us checked out fine until we got the "karyotype" test back on my husband, indicating that he has an unbalanced chromosome. (chromosome inversion)

They say this is a common cause of recurrent they say I could have gone on to continue miscarrying #3, #4, etc. (as many of you have painfully sorry).

For those who have recurrent losses, have you done extensive chromosome testing? I recommend it highly. I am now going to do PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), which is through IVF. They will eliminate the embryos w/ unbalanced genes on top of the reg. IVF process. I hope & pray that this will work for us.


Surie - February 23

My husband and I just had this test done about a week and a half ago after our embryos performed so poorly during our IVF cycle. We are still awaiting the results. Is there anything that can be done if there is a chromosomal abnormality? my Husband and I think we are done either way, we're moving on to adoption but then we have to consider "what if" that miracle conception happens, would we miscarry would our child be born with disabilities, etc. I don't know much about it I guess but am curious as to what to do if we find out there is a problem.


Sabina - February 23

Hello, I am interested to know how expensive these tests are and if they're covered by insurance. My doctor has ordered the first round of genetic testing but he wants me to get a sono histogram first to check for any uterine abnormalities. He tells me that the genetic testing is way too expensive but I don't know what kind of $ he's talking about.


Cressida - February 23

I'm a bit confused by this testing and wonder if someone can straighten me out (at least as far as this is concerned). Hubby and I have had the chromosome analysis and everything came back fine. (Ours was covered by insurance, by the way) Is that the same thing as genetic testing? I read an article about the NOS3 gene affecting miscarriages. Would the chromosome analysis show this? I don't know why this is so hard for me to get straight in my brain but for some reason, it is!


Tori - February 23

The chromosome analysis is different from the karyotyping. In the chromosome analysis they are looking for a abnormality with the Y chromosome(in males) because a deficiency can be a cause of male infertility. The karyotyping is where they are looking at the DNA to check to abnormalities that may lead to a number of complications during pregnancy. If something does come up positive for an abnormality and you are doing IVF with ICSI they can biopsy the embryos to see if the abnormality tests positive. This way they can "weed" out the abnormal embryos to give you the best possibility of it actually "sticking" when they transfer the embryos into the uterus. My husband and I are going through all this right now. We received the chromosome test back with no abnormalities but we're still waiting on the karotyping. Once we figure the results out were can decide what we want to do. Sometimes, if there are abnormalities in the results, they suggest to use donor sperm as an alternative to the biopsy. I hope i haven't confused you further. It's all complex and took me a while to understand what all the doctors were talking about.


Llanie - February 24

I hope and pray that this can help in your goal to go away the infertility and can now face the fertility time.



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