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Connection of Cancer to Infertility
9 Replies
AnneLou - April 6

Is the cancer patients can not be able to conceive a healthy baby?


geraldine - April 7

I think yes! She can't be able to conceive a healthy baby because she's suffering already with a serious illness that she might be passing it on to her baby.


thia - April 7

i had a friend diagnose 2 years ago with stage 2 hodgkin lymphoma and she went on to series of chemotherapy. now, she's pregnant with her first baby and at any moment she'll give birth. the doctor told her she would be able to conceive after 5 years but luckily she's having a healthy baby boy soon.


heatherlyn - April 8

I also had a friend who's aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer but she was still able to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. So, cancer can't affects the baby in the womb as long as the pregnant mother with cancer, will have proper prenatal care.


Whitney - April 9

I think there's a connection of a cancer to infertility, because our body is connected to each other, and if one part of the body has disorderliness then all the body parts may feel its pain.


kelly thomas - April 10

For me, there are still chances that a cancer pregnant mother can still conceive a healthy and very active baby. As long as she's trying her best to give the good care the baby needs during her pregnancy.


Cecele - April 10

I think it all depends upon the strengths and the abilities of the individual. If her reproductive organs are still active then it is possible to conceive but if her reproductive organ is weak and its cells areaffected by the cancer then it can no longer reproduce.


stella - April 11

I think yes because mother's condition will really affect the baby inside her womb.


Ferdiem - April 11

Maybe there are chances, that a cancer patient can conceive. But I think the chances are so narrow. Only the Heavenly Father can do the impossible to be possible.


karen - April 13

As you may know, there are a number of long-term health risks associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Some of these risks, such as damage to your heart or lungs, may complicate your ability to carry a pregnancy or put your health at risk while you are pregnant. It is important to ask your oncologist about the long-term side effects associated with your cancer treatments and if they may be exacerbated by getting pregnant. For example, it is recommended that some survivors undergo an echocardiogram to make sure their heart is healthy. If your doctor feels that you are at risk for pregnancy complications, you may need to work with a high-risk obstetrician or look into alternative options like surrogacy or adoption.



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