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Constant Sexual Play...!
17 Replies
Tonie - March 13

I've read an article that constant sexual play may cause this possible? In the article I've read, the woman has not able to conceive since twenty years old when she started having sex to diffeeeerent men.


fionah jane - March 14

I really don't think so,probably in her younger age of engaged in sex, she already has issues of infertility. Not all that experience sex at the very young age experience or having infertility problem.


rhea mae - March 15

Probably! Since at the very young age. she's totally sexually active probably it can cause her to have infertility problem because her sexual organ is totally over used too. LOL!


daphne - March 15

I don't agree with Rhea Mae's answer. If I were her, she will have to ask her doctor about it. She needs to have infertility test, so that it can be concluded if she really has infertility issues or not.


Vallery - March 17

I don't think so. Constant sexual play can't cause infertility. Infertility can be cause of having to experience bad lifestyles and doing some bad form of habit.


jera - March 17

no scientific explanation whatsoever has proven any testimonies or tests about that but if there is any, maybe it's just coincidence. i don't think that it can cost infertility since foreplays or constant sexual plays are part of sexual intercourse.


pretty mhama - March 18

I have a friend who told me that she had her first sexual experience at a very young age of 13,..and sex, according to her is such a very tempting kind of habit. In every men she had sex, she always got's like collecting a trophy..whether you believe it or not, she had 12 children already from different men. So, with this, I don't believe that constant sexual play can cause infertility.


sharmine - March 20

Yes, i don't believe in it too. Constant sexual play can't cause infertility because if it is so, then why are there lots of sex workers or prostitutes who have many children?


ArtFe - March 20

It depends upon the reproductive organs of the male and of the female. We can not pinpoint exactly because of constant sexual play, it has so many factors that could be mentioned. And my advise is to see a specialized doctor about this disorder.


jobelyn - March 23

Probably, because the vagina or the sex organ is already damage because of over using..LOL!


Gabrielle - March 26

Constant sexual play may be damaged the reproductive organ, it is because it is overuse. Anything that has been use may give bad result. How secure are you in your partner's situation whether he doesn't have an illness which might had been passed to you.


Ashley44 - March 29

There are times in which sexual play has been abused. Yes, it is a one of the precious gift from God but it must be used in a nice and proper way which is followed from the direction of God.


Irene - April 5

if there are times, when you want to have sex, you have to control it because you might get sick of it. Just made sex only to your husband not to different men....sorry!


Cherryl - April 6

In doing constant sexual play to different men can simply give illness and might damaged the reproductive organ. You may acquire HIV diseases.


Dnesh - April 9

Sex with different men might be the reason why you were not able to become pregnant even though that there are cases that a woman become a mother even if she was a prostitute. But there is a possibility that the baby has body defects.


JOY - April 9

I really don't think that sexual play would affect the woman's fertility. I disagree on that article.


Sonia - April 10

In doing sexual play, there must have the love and respect to each other. But if by doing this play is just for LUST then having a baby is out of the idea.



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