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Coping with Emotional Feelings Caused by Infertility
7 Replies
jeya_rynn - February 10

My husband and I we're married for three years already and still we're childless. On my part, it's okey with me because at least we have more time boyfriends and hassles of children. But my husband longs for a child already. So we had a physical check-up and found out that he's infertile but it's still can be treated. He was so frustrated and guilty of such diagnosis. Sometimes even without valid reasons..he's angry with me. Our relationship really is affected with his emotions. How can I make him change his emotion..can somebody help me to find ways on how my husband can cope with such feelings?


heatherlyn - February 10

Just understand your husband if he has this emotion. Nothing can make him feel much's your assurance that no matter what happen you will always be there for him and you will not make him less of a man if he can't give you a child.


hopeheart - February 10

take your part as a loving wife to your husband. Have some gestures that can make him feel that he is important to you in your life. Make an assurance that he is the most important person in your life. The way he react to his deficiency, is a sign of insecurities.


diana - February 15

Actually, it's really hard to cope up with emotional feelings of wanting to have a baby, but you really can't because of pregnancy. But, if it's already there's nothing you can do about it but to accept. It's not the end of your world, you can still have a baby through some kind of adoption. So, chill!


gerladine - February 16

The emotional feelings caused by having infertility problems is very hard to cope. I think it takes a lot of encouragement from love ones, families and friends to be able to cope up with it. But yes, those who suffered from an infertility problem must not lose hope and instead just be open to talk with it to others especially to the doctors for them to be given proper treatment.


sashy_009 - February 16

Hello! I think you need to have a heart to heart talk with your husband. Tell him that maybe God has a reason why he did not give you a baby. That God wanted you to enjoy your time being husband and wife first-before you become Mom and Dad. Encourage him and always give him moral support..that's I think what your husband really needs to cope up with such depression of infertility.


kindred - February 16

make him secure of his standing as your husband in your home, that you need him most.let him feel secure as your husband. Don't dare to pronounce any hurt words that may hurt his ego. Any way, there are still chances that he can be fertiled.


kenx2 - February 17

his ego was touch. but it is natural for a man who has known his defects, would not react the way he reacted now. but try to understand him. be remained faithful and respect him.



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