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Diminished Sexual Drive
11 Replies
Kylle - January 29

My husband took up a new pill to treat his baldness, but the thing has a side effects, his sexual drive has diminished but in my part I have still a desire for sex that I want to do it with the other man. How can I control myself, so I can not commit indecent act? Will you please advise me any medication to take!


DonneKier - January 31

Divert your attention to other thing. To make yourself busy, you may not think of sexual drive. Have a strong self control. Ask the Lord His guidance.


geraldine - February 1

It's really up to you to control it nobody could help you, but's a matter of self sacrifice.


devine grace - February 2

Sexual drive for me is all in the mind..if you are not thinking about it, you will not feel the like to have it. It can also be controllable if you make yourself busy of important things rather than just having sex. If you really want not to commit sins or indecent act, then for god sake,stay away from any temptation.


Farnelle - February 5

Yes, I agree! Stay away also of viewing pornography because it can cause sexual eagerness. Keep yourself busy so that your mind can not think of any sexual thoughts that can drive you crazy for sex.


fionah jane - February 8

You really can control yourself if you want to. But if you let your emotion control you, then it's always up to you!LOL!


jinky - February 20

Why should you commit such act. Did you love your husband because of that sexual thing? I think it's good if you and your husband consult a doctor whom who could give your husband some pill that could bring back her sexual drive. Instead of thinking other things like committing indecent act.


Helevie - February 23

Do you think you can not control your sexual urges? I don't think so! you have said you don't like to commit indecency in your life, then you can control your urges. Read the holy Bible.


matherPretty - February 23

take your self to become busy. Don't think of sexual play. Just read any inspirational message from the Lord.


zerche - February 24

you have to be strong and have a self control. don't let your urges controls you but control your urges.


whesky - February 24

Refrain any sexual drive that can make you crazy. In the case of your husband, you may see/visit to the physician who specializing of this matter.


Carlyn - February 25

you can visit to a physician. be strong. But try to convince yourself not to do anything that can make your life ruined. any way in the relationship it is love and understanding must be prevailed not LUST.



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