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Don't Get Monthly Period
12 Replies
meniane - April 2

I don't get my monthly period every month. If a woman like me, don't get my period monthly, means I have a problem of infertility and I can't have kids in the future?


Ladyjoe - April 3

I can't give my conclusion that you may have an infertility problem, but to be sure you can consult the doctor who made a specialization of this kind of reproduction.


geraldine - April 3

Probably you have an infertility problem..but as what Ladyjoe told you, you better have consulted it to the doctor to know what is really your problem.


monique - April 4

I think not all women who have this kind of problem, like not getting their monthly period every month is a sign of having infertility. Others don't really have regular monthly period because of their hormones or they lack some iron in their body.


hinder - April 4

Of course, nothing could even be better if you just consult your doctor. I haven't known somebody who shares the same problem as you, so it is best to see your doctor.

Hope this helps Meniane. :)


Gabrielle - April 4

Yes, it is the best thing that you must do, to see a physician so he can give the correct medication in your case.


rhena - April 5

I'm not sure whether you are infertile or not . The only who can give the correct diagnosed of your situation at present is the gynecologist. Turn to them so that your problem must be given the exact medication.


vivian - April 7

Well, if you ask me, I think you have infertility issues. You know what, I have 4 cousins, who like you also are having irregular monthly period..and the four of them still don't have babies..because according to the doctor's findings, they are all having infertility problems.


Bianca - April 7

Yes, for me you definitely have infertility issues. Did you try to consult your doctor about that? When you plan to have a baby in the future you should correct this issues.


Sharon - April 7

You possibly is in trouble but that does not mean you can't no longer conceive in the future. You just get to know the bottom of such irregularities and fix it.


Miranda - April 7

Try drinking some health tonic drink to have a regular monthly period.


cherrylyn - April 9

I can relate to your situation 'coz i don't regularly have my monthly period which makes it abnormal. I don't think it will affect our fertility 'coz my cousin got pregnant and she has the same situation as ours.


jinky - April 10

There's I guess, treatment for irregular monthly periods..and not all with problems of irregular periods, are having issues of infertility.



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