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Emotional Unstable
17 Replies
Lancee - January 28

My friend has an emotional unstable but my cousin is in love with her. They got married, but for three years they don't have yet a baby. Could it be an infertility problem?


kelly thomas - January 29

I think there is no findings for that. Emotionally unstable can't be the reason for infertility problem.


helen of troy - January 29

Emotional unstable is a personality disorder and it's equivalent to having borderline disorder but it's actually not related and is not one of the causes of having infertility problem.


jinky - February 4

I think it's not because of infertility problem but it's because of the emotional instability that they don't have a baby even they are already in three years of their marriage.


crazy@timid - February 7

No, there's no relation about the emotional unstable of your friend of the infertility case of the couple.But we are not sure whether the couple has infertility or not.One thing for sure, is, they are in the stage of childless.


brandy - February 17

we can not say directly what it is. it is needed to be examined so that medication can be easily introduced.


heatherlyn - February 20

What you mean, her being emotionally unstable causes her to have infertility problem? I think, being emotionally unstable can't be link to infertility. But If she has this infertility problem before..that's causes her to be emotionally unstable , I guess.


ysah - February 22

Yes, before we know that it's about infertility, it's good if she consult a doctor first and do some infertility test. Who knows, she's too emotional thinking she's having infertility problems but in the end, after the test, results will all be negative.


Kateze - February 23

Nothing of connection is the emotion to the infertility but there's a possibility if the partner have lost his sexual urges towards his wife, because of the unstable emotion.


glee77 - February 24

You are the one who can make yourselves productive. So, whatever emotions stand in your way don't panic because these can make you failure of your ambition in life. Control your emotion,because if you can not control, infertility comes to your mind.


brigette - February 25

in my own analysis, there is no connection of the emotionally unstable towards infertility,as a matter of fact, a mentally person was got pregnant.


babeth97 - February 27

I think I am sold out that emotional unstable may cause infertility. Why??? It is because our brain is the most important part of our body that can control our action, our emotions. Psychologically it may affects the emotion as well as the action.


LouFel - March 13

If your friend has an emotional unstable, I think there's nothing a connection of having infertility unless her reproductive organ has a defects of having to conceive.


maryanne - March 23

There's a sign of infertility problem in your friend's case. It is not because of her emotional instability but my opinion is base to the lenght of time they don't have a child. Encourage them to see a doctor about this matter.


rosemarie B. - April 9

Emotionally unstable is not a hindrance to a woman to have a baby or to get pregnant. Maybe she have infertility problem but its not because of her emotional problem.


bubbles - April 10

Why did you say that your friend is emotionally unstable? Are there signs that shows of her being emotional unstable?


Helen - April 10

For three years only is not the bench mark that you may come out of the conclusion that it is already an infertility..... Let them wait.



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