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Endometriosis Causes Infertility
6 Replies
honey dear - February 10

Can anyone tell me why does Endometriosis causes infertility?


jahra0577 - February 12

This is one reason...Endometriosis often causes painful intercourse, couples may fail to have intercourse during the woman’s most fertile time, which will obviously impede the possibility of conception.


earth - February 12

Scarring or adhesions in the pelvis, for example, may cause infertility. The fallopian tubes and ovaries may adhere to the lining of the pelvis or to each other, restricting their movement. The scarring and adhesions that takes place with Endometriosis may mean that the ovaries and fallopian tubes are not in the right position, so the transfer of the egg to the fallopian tubes cannot take place. Similarly, Endometriosis can cause damage and/or blockage to the inside of the fallopian tube, impeding the journey of the egg down the fallopian tube to the uterus.


fionah jane - February 16

Sorry, but can you elaborate what is really edometriosis and why does it cause infertility?


stacey - April 13

Endometriosis causes pain in some women and can also cause infertility. Some experts consider infertility associated with mild endometriosis to really be "unexplained infertility".


Momsie - July 31

endometriosis causes infertility in many different ways. it will be difficult for you to get pregnant if you have this and can even be more difficult even after it's treated.


bellagreen - November 24

One theory that's arouses people's eyes suggests the infertility problem in women with endometriosis may be related to an underlying immune condition that increases inflammation.

The inflammatory theory above also will get support from baboon studies, which found the link between endometriosis and infertility in animals. The fertility rate is enhanced once animals received anti-inflammatory treatment. Studies in females are actually concentrating on the possibility advantages of anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with endometriosis.

The most well known anti-inflammatory treatment is herbal supplement of Fuyan Pill. Unlike most western anti-inflammatory drugs, Fuyan pill is totally extracted from natural herbs, so it has no side effects and drug resistance as anti-inflammatories and hormones have. Some of the components used to make this pill can kill viruses and bacteria effectively. Some of the components can get rid of toxic material and heat. After taking this pill, lots of women with endometriosis have got pregnant successfully.



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