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environmental exposure
14 Replies
dyesebel - March 26

At the age of 16, I worked in one of the chemical company in our place I know that my work is too risky for my health but I still grab the opportunity because that time, I badly needed money to support my starving family. I am already married for almost 7 years but still don't have a baby..I had infertility issues and I think it's because of my work before..I really regret my decision before..but what can i do, it happened there a treatment for this kind of infertility?


benzyl - March 27

that is one of the major cause a woman gets infertile. to be sure enough, you need to visit a doctor and tell him/her about your previous work so you may be assessed and advise the best thing to do about your condition.


janette - March 28

i think there's no treatment to that...what u need is miracle..just pray to GOD and ask miracle so that you can get pregnant..try to ask doctors about this issue.


jinky - March 28

Being exposed to chemical is very dangerous to your body not just to your infertility. It has no treatment, if in case there is, it's very expensive.


Flowerz - March 28

Yes, it is a great regret but it had happened already. What was done can not be done. Let us hope and pray that it can be given a remedy there's nothing impossible with God. Have faith.


chona - March 29

Yes, all you have to do is to accept the fact about your infertility problem. It's actually not your problem but, i guess it's due to bad happened for a reason and it has also I think purpose which is hard for you to accept, but still don't lose hope..probably it has treatment. We really can't tell.


Garrymae - March 29

It is said, that a man who is so starve he would eat whatever food is served on the table. It is like in your case, although it is so risky, you grab the opportunity. But you suffer the consequences, isn't it? But don't lost hope, God is always here at your side.


Geogie - March 29

I have also experience an over exposure in a factory using a radiation. I was pregnant at that time,the result : I delivered a mentally retarded child. Till now I suffered extra torment within myself.


Sarah - March 30

If rhe cause of your infertility is environmental chemical exposure, sorry to say because there is no cure or treatment for it.If you want to have a baby, why not try adoption..I think it's a good solution for your problem.


Patrick - April 1

I can share the case of my cousin who worked in an X-ray operator,he was not able to have a child not that he is an impotent but his sperm cells is slow in movement he also think that it is due to the type of his work. Is this also Due to the environmental exposure?


apple - April 4

well, sad story indeed! but I guess, you need not to lose hope. probably, with our advance technology, you can still have chances of getting the right medication for your infertility problem.


Lorene - April 4

Well, I think environment is one of the great factor of infertility. Like Patrick's cousin who is working as an operator of the x-ray the radiation of it could be the reason why his sperm cell is weak.


Aireen - April 5

Your case,Dyesebel,is so touching. But don't lose hope for God is ready to give His blessings.Whatever you ask for Him, He would give, if it makes you draw closer to Him.


Trinidy - April 6

If you exposed to chemical, there's a possibility that your reproductive organ can be affected. If the reproductive organ is affected then the infertility might be presented.


MaryAnne - April 9

It is due to our desire to get improvement in life or to support our daily needs. Yes, it can really affect to our health all the environmental exposure. Like if you are living in the chaos environment where the neighbors are likely to make noise, then this can really affects the way you take a rest or in your sleeping time... this is just a simple situation but an alarming event in your life.



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