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Excited about my IVF...should I not get my hopes up
11 Replies
Bryony - February 27

I just can't wait but I'm scared that I'm getting my hopes up. I asked the nurse today what their statistics were for getting pregnant the first IVF. She told me that they just got theirs back today and it was 69%. I know this doesn't mean that I will get pregnant the first IVF but I am getting my hopes up. Should I not get my hopes up? They wait for 5 day blast instead of 3. She said they have had good results with that.


Solange - February 27

Best of luck, I think it's great to be excited and realistic at the same time. Its a hard balance to keep, I had good luck with day 5 as well!


Hasina - February 27

While those stats seem awfully high, there's no reason not to be optimistic. Chances of conception are still 30-40%, so why not hope for the best? And good luck!


Lisette - February 27

I think it is great to be excited, I am also very excited. It is my first time trying, I am 40 years and my husband is 47 years. We have been trying for three years and finally started the process. I will start my injections next week and I only have room for positive thoughts. Good luck!


Zinnia - February 27

I've only done IUI but here's how I handled it: I was excited and I let myself be with the knowledge that I was excited to be doing something that had some hope of success. I was excited because I had hope. I kept my hope realistic in that I knew it may not work the first or second time around. It helped me get through that and even kept me from feeling down.


Sarah - March 23

Just always have a positive result. And have faith always in god that you will be given the desires of your heart and that is to get pregnant and have a baby of your own.


Forshia - March 23

It is nice to have hope and it should be coupled with prayer. There's nothing impossible with God.


bubbles - March 25

Always have a positive attitude! it will also come out good followed by proper determination and good attitude.


marites - March 29

Yeah, it's good that you get your hopes up because you are doing it not just for yourself, but for your husband as well. Having such kind of infertility treatment is not a joke and it's so very much expensive..but just be positive because it will really gives you a positive result coz if you think negatively from the very beginning, better not to continue it..because you already set your mind into a negative result.


nevic - April 5

Just follow on the will of God..if it's meant to be, it's always meant to be..I guess, you know what I mean.


trioxx - April 6

You have a good character there Lisette and I admire you for being so positive. I wish you goodluck and same to you Bryony. :)


jinky - April 8

It's always good to get your hopes up..because it's really what you want and you are determined to do, Go! Be positive always..



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