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Gene Heals Infertility
14 Replies
Fernah - March 22

In a latest news. it was discovered that a human gene can restore sperm production in infertile flies. I think it is better than to take pills or any kind of medication to heal infertility.


jasmine - March 22

i think that's a good idea for those infertile but then again there are always pros and cons in every studies or new discoveries. maybe they need to make more research on that part.


devine grace - March 23

Wow! really? I think this is a good news for those suffering infertility problems.Yeah, better than taking pills or any kinds of infertility medications because it has no side effects.


geraldine - March 25

Is this already proven already? I think before we believe on something it's good that it's already proven with positive result so that we will never be disappointed.


cheska - March 28

Really? In what way..that's actually a good news..i hope it's true. Many people will be benefited with this and would be very glad to have it I'm sure.


ysah - March 29

Yeah, hoping it's all true. Because many will be happy especially those who really want to get pregnant and have many kids in the future.


fionah jane - March 30

How come this great news was not published and was not part of some health news or something? How much will a couple or a person pay if they will try to avail this thing?


chona - March 31

I wonder if this is so, then I think like any other infertility treatmenst..does it have any side effects?


Berthy - April 2

This is a great news. It gives encouragement to the hopeless individual. According to the information that the so called the Boule gene is known to regulate meiosis, a process of cell division necessary to the creation of sperm and egg cells in humans and animals.


Marichris - April 2

Oh! thanks God that there is a possibility that my infertility may be cured. And I am very excited even though I have known that a new contraceptive can also be formulated, which will attack the Boule gene and stop sperm cell from maturing.


Gioven - April 3

It depends to the ability of the genes of the individual. Maybe not all individual has a genes that can heal infertility.


Chris - April 3

there are kinds of genes that needs to nourish, good cells should be enhanced, so the body would be able to fight back. And gives healing action.


Rowhen - April 3

Infertility could be healed, those who have problems about this disorder must target to value the gift of health Gad gave them.


Leliy - April 9

I think the genes of the individual which can heal are healthy in nature no damaged from any toxic things from the super polluted surroundings.


Helen - April 10

We have to think that, time heals the wound of sadness, and about the idea that genes heals infertility, I do conform. To think that we are just a creation by God, then we have to believe that He can be the one to heal whatever disorder we have in our physical, including the reproductive organs.So the possibility of healing the infertility through genes is made by God.



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