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How to cure tubal blockage without surgery?
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antonella - December 3

My classmate Victoria had an ectopic pregnancy two and a half years ago. So her left fallopian tube had been removed at that time. However, she hadn't got pregnant for half a year since the surgery. So 2 years ago, Victoria went to the hospital and took some checkups. And the result showed blockage on the right fallopian tube. Victoria was so eager to have a baby that she tried everything she could to treat the tubal blockage. However, there was no improvement.

I companied Victoria consulted Dr. Lee Xiaoping about constipation. Considering that Victoria had a history of long-term constipation, Dr. Lee advised her eat more fruits and vegetables, and continue the treatment. Dr. Lee also asked Victoria to be on a strict diet control.

After the second treatment course, Victoria told me that she had her menstruation delayed for 3 days. We go to consult Dr lee again. Dr Lee said, Victoria had had tubal blockage for a long time, Dr. Lee suggested her the continuing observation. And Victoria was also advised to take a pregnancy test with the first morning urine if the menstruation delayed for more than 7 days.

At the end of the third treatment course, Victoria told Dr. Lee that she had her menstrual period delayed more than 7 days, so she took the pregnancy test, and the result showed positive. Dr. Lee congratulated Victoria but still suggested her get screened in the hospital. Victoria followed Dr. Lee's advice. And the result showed intrauterine pregnancy. Victoria had a successful pregnancy. Knowing the result, Dr. Lee asked Victoria to stop drug use during pregnancy and avoid sex at the early stages of pregnancy.

I really happy for my classmate, i think doctors from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic really have advanced technology in this field. So i share my classmate Victoria's story with all of you.



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