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HSG, anyone?
8 Replies
Cressida - February 27

Hi ladies, This afternoon was my first meeting with my fertility doctor. After a battery of tests, I had to schedule an HSG. Has anyone had one done before? I'm reading up on it but would love some feedback from others who have had it. Thanks!


Tori - February 27

I've done Hysterosalpingogram twice. First time I remember that they said that my right tube was blocked, but that the dye pushed the blockage out. That was years ago. Second time was in Oct when I met my RE. Said the same thing, that the dye took longer than expected on the right side. And also, this experience wasn't pleasant. It was painful for me (whereas the first time I didn't feel it at all). I'm also older now and have a lower pain threshold.

Let me just add that this could have foreshadowed the future. I just had my first pregnancy- that ended this weekend when my right fallopian tube had to be removed because it ruptured.


Jordaine - February 27

The HSG is a great diagnostic test.
For me, all the dye came out of one tube. They said that the dye simply could have taken the path of least resistance and that I could have 2 fine tubes. After a much later laparoscopy, they found that indeed both my tubes were open, just one was more open than the other. But all was fine.

As far as the test itself. They insert a catheter. That is not very painful but it is uncomfortable. And when they squeeze the dye through it hurts a little too. But no tears or anything. Then it's over. I would say I had mild period cramping afterwards. Don't worry, it's a quick procedure. My husband came with me, but sat in the waiting room. It is really not that different from going to the gyno.


Nyssa - February 27

It was Easy for me, took all of about 20 seconds maybe--great for finding issues that were unknown. Women report getting PG after their tubes are cleaned out! Good Luck to you!


Milena - February 27

Mine was so painful and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I didn't have any blockages or anything either. Its a GREAT test though, and L think everyone should have one done before even starting clomid/femara. I would advise you to take some pain meds about an hour before you go in. While yes some women feel no pain some feel a lot. Goodluck!


tonette - March 17

My friend has done it too. Unfortunately, her HSG was not successful, until now she's is still not pregnant.


heatherlyn - March 19

I'm really not sure but according to some of my colleagues, the success rate of having to have HSG is very low compared to other infertility treatment.


Reneloi - March 23

Don't lose hope. As long as you have the goal in life, you can achieve it, through faith.Your Infertility can be treated.


cheska - March 31

I have heard of the many others who had it and they quite gives me a very positive feedback. Just think also that it will works for you and you will get a positive result through this infertility treatment you are having.



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