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10 Replies
Juliemier - January 28

I am a wife who has been married for five years but childless. I have been diagnosed of hypertension, as a matter of fact, I have a maintenance for medication. Is hypertension can cause infertility as one of the complication of hypertension?


blossom268 - January 29

I have known many women who are diagnosed also of having hypertension but still able to get pregnant. Hypertension can't prevent you in getting pregnant or having a child. I think you personally, has infertility problem but it's not because of your hypertension but it's because of other factors involve with it.


LydiaKaye - February 1

The person who have hypertension can still be pregnant. But the only way is to take good care of your health. Good Lifestyle may prevail.


heatherlyn - February 2

Never heard of a thing that hypertension can cause infertility. It's really don't. But for pregnant women with hypertension, they are advised to monitor their blood pressure as always and have a regular check-up with the doctor to know about her condition and for her child as well to avoid any complications.


fionah jane - February 8

No, hypertension does not cause infertility. But those pregnant woman are advised not to take hypertension during their pregnancy because it can cause a risk of having baby with defects or risk for premature birth.


mhalz77 - February 10

hypertension is not the reason of infertility and i'm sure of that because i was also diagnosed of hypertension but still i was able to have 2 kids.


charisse - February 10

It's not true but hypertension in my case is the reason why i will not be pregnant again because i was already ligated due to many complications like enlargement of my heart and eclampsia.Hypertension is not the cause of infertility but in many cases the reason why doctors won't allow you to be pregnant again because of the risk that it may cause to the mother and the baby.


hypez - February 10

hypertension is known as one of the worldwide killer in our present times. With this issue, we must not just shrug our shoulder, but be aware of how to control it. It has also a side effects for those in who are pregnant.


Ezzy - February 16

No, hypertension may not cause infertility to some but may cause infertility to others. It all depends upon the situation of the woman. But my advice is to keep on watch of the blood pressure.


Brenz - February 17

As far as I know it can not cause infertility, but you must be careful in eating foods which can trigger hypertention. This might harm your body. You might experience an attack.


jenny - April 13

Hypertencion is a sign of an underlying cause of obesity. Medications for hypertension may be one of the reasons why you were having some issues of fetility. Consult your doctor for further assistance



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