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Immune System Malfunction
13 Replies
Dorris - March 12

What is really an immune system malfunction that can causes infertility?


clavel - March 13

For me , it is a person who can not conceive easily because of some abnormalities of her reproductive organs ,this in the infertility topic. But in the topic of immune system malfunction, I am not so certain... but I like the forum if there's some person who make research on this... do share please!!!


rhea mae - March 14

Thyroid is one that can greatly affect your immune system and can cause you to have infertility problem.


chester - March 14

If a person's immune system suffers, the person will suffers too. Especially if her or his immune system becomes over active or under active, a person could develop diabetes, or other immune system related conditions that can cause also infertility issues.


heatherlyn - March 17

You just need to have a healthy and well-balance diet so that you will not suffer of immune system malfunction.


denise - March 18

There can be a lot of factor that can cause malfunction of the immune system. One is because of the many diseases that greatly affects the immune system.


dianne - March 21

Immune system malfunction interferes with the reproductive processes including the inflammation of cells. These natural processes are vital for preparation for ovulation, and implantation of embryo.


devine grace - March 21

Testicle injure caused by whatever reason may increase the risks of immune system attacking the man;s sperm due to inflammation and infection.


kelly thomas - March 22

Always having a painful migraine can cause immune system malfunction.


Giovie - March 23

Yes, this may cause infertility if the immune system has a malfunction. There are many of them, one of them is to become alcoholic it may cause infertility.


Uzzil - March 31

People could have immune system malfunction that causes infertility due to certain accidents or diseases they are having that resulted to a negative effect on their immune system.


Arthe - April 3

If our immune system could not able to function then we might prone to illness/disease. When we was yet a child, we were having a vaccination so our body may become immune to the illnesses. The bacteria was injected to our body.


Mellie - April 4

Yes, there are many causes which the immune system may have a malfunction. And this malfunction may cause infertility. Smoking is one of the causes. So be aware of it, if you don't like to put your life in danger.


Monick - April 5

the reality of the immune system is it can help in depending from ones illness. And if it would no longer function accordingly, then this have a malfunction.



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