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Infertiliy Of Both Partners
8 Replies
Saffron - February 25

I have PCOS on BOTH ovaries and my partner underwent semen analysis and the result was LOW to POOR fertility potential. we were planning to get married but when i found this out, i was a bit hesitant. i want to have my own children. i want him to have his own children. what will i do? as of now, its okay for both of us (or maybe we haven't realize the real issue yet). but i don't know maybe 2 years from now, we will start to questioned each other why we got married. i don't know if i can give him a child, i don't know if he can give me a child. i don't know what to do.


Artemis - February 25

I also have pcos and my husband has a low count. I didn't know this before we were married, but honestly it wouldn't have changed my decision. I love him. Of course I wanted a child of my own. The most important thing though was that he was a part of my family regardless of how it was made (fertility treatments or adoption). I'm not gonna say it was easy, but it was well worth the struggle. We have a 2 yr old now and he is the most amazing little man! The thing is it wouldn't matter how he came into our lives. Of course I'm thrilled that I got to be pregnant and that he looks like us, but I never would've chosen to leave my husband for a better chance at getting pregnant. There are things that can be done to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. I think that you should have a serious talk with your so and tell him what you're worried about. I know I had that talk with my husband before we found out that there was an issue with him and he completely put my mind at ease.


Tiana - February 25

I also have PCOS and Dh has low morphology. We did not know when we got married, and are still childless, but I wouldn't give him up for anything. I think each person has to make the decision that is best for his/her situation. Good luck!


Jolie - February 25

I also have mild pcos and my husband has 0% morphology from chernobyl radiation exposure as a child. We didn't know this before we got married and at this moment are still childless! I also have no regrets on getting married and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Some of the few things you find in this world is true love and I wouldn't have wanted to pass that up!


Liberty - February 25

My husband has perfect sperm, no problems at all. Unfortunately, I am the one with blocked tubes and old ovaries that do not produce high quality eggs. My husband really wants children, but we have tried two IVF cycles so far, and have nothing to show for it. Worse, we are paying for everything out of pocket which makes each cycle so difficult. My point is, that my husband knew this before we got married and still wanted to be with me. He will stay with me even if we never have children together. No one can predict exactly what ups and downs you will face together, so it is more important to know you love each other enough to stay together no matter what happens.


heatherlyn - February 26

Just ask yourself if you are really in love with your partner that you are willing to spend the rest of your life to be with each other in the absence of a child..or just decide to part ways. It's your feelings that's really at steak..


kelly thomas - February 26

Well, if you decide to part ways because both of you have an issue of infertility, just think of this: can it make any difference to be with somebody in the future?


Patricke - February 26

If both of you are infertility then face the reality. But God is the most powerful to all, ask Him to be with you always!


zeanne - February 27

If both of you are infertility, but then you love each other you can still become a couple even if you don't have children it all depends of your agreement.



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