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inherited infertility
9 Replies
ms. yvette - January 29

I'm still single, but I'm deeply bothered about having infertility problem. You see, infertility problem runs our family. I have three sisters and four Aunts who until now are childless. I'm afraid I will be one of them. Is infertility problem inherited or it's really in the blood as what we think? Hope, we're wrong..


devine grace - February 1

Yes, there are also what we call genetic causes of infertility the most famous genetic causes of infertility is having to have a parental chromosomes abnormality.


monique - February 2

Women who have recurrent miscarriage or those that having premature failure have an increased risk of having a structural chromosomes abnormality.


GraceShun - February 5

Since you have relatives who are childless, there is a probability that you can experience the same.


Bretlee - February 7

Why are you so worry? You know, if you always think of negative then there must have the possibility that you could be one of them. Just relax then have a hope and have a sincere of your prayer that God will bless you a productive reproductive organ.


fionah jane - February 21

Genetic infertility is really can't be avoided but if you want to seek medication and treatment for it, I think with the advance technology we have now all is very much possible to happen, so don't ever lose hope.


Wahie - February 22

You know there's a possibility that you may also infertile because of your genetic factors, but if you believe that there's nothing impossible with God, then the impossible may become possible. Trust to the Lord.


Dioung - February 24

don't sum-up the whole clan, they are not all infertility. How about you, if your mother is infertile, how can it be that you are here in this world.Through this ways and mean you may go to a simple laborer,


Delilah16 - February 25

there are cases which both their relatives don't have a child of their own, only their family have, their parents have them as their children. So, the possibility that fertility have a roadway to some of their relatives.


Krisnie - February 25

I don't agree, that it is only inherited. there are other factors that can ignite the infertility of a woman.



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