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7 Replies
vannyl - February 16

my husband and I are so busy and involved life. We fail to understand what we really want. I need to share what is going on in our world, but my husband just simply nod his head and nothing to say till we just sleep as if I he is not my husband. Until now we don't have a baby. What should I do?


Micole55 - February 17

you have to give time to be close to your husband. Do something as if you are the "mistress to your husband".


yengz - February 17

make a drastic action. you must make love in order to have a baby. when his feelings for you fall short of sizzling, turn his passivity into passion by arousing his soul, anyway he is your husband, don't be shy to make love to your husband.


jinky - February 18

Yeah, just have the first move. If he will not act, then who else would be? It's your part to do that thing for him, to motivate him and that you will have the intimacy you really want to have and hopefully have a baby.


m2m - February 19

there's something wrong with your husband.maybe he's doing something he not cheating on you?..sorry, but i've known many busy couple but they really find time with each other.if you really want to have a baby you will really find ways to have time for yourselves..from now on, start to observe him, he might be doing not good.


Lady Melva - February 19

Do something that will catch his attention like don't go home or stay in your mother's house even just for a night and he will wonder why you're not at home.So, if he's really concern with you of course he will really find you or call you , and that's the time that you have to talk with each other.But, if he will not doing this, my gosh, maybe he's seeing another woman.


143red - February 19

If i were you, don't mind him. Leave him alone first. You should give him time and space. Time will come that he's going to talk to you, that he will do the first move to make you feel closer again. If this time will come, you really have to find time with yourselves.Bonding is what you need..hope this will help you...


jobelyn - February 20

Flirt your partner for fun and frivolity. Just be very creative in your flirting. Entice him to try to anew way of making love. Just focus on pleasure and you will enjoy each other to the fullest.



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