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Enzo - February 27

Hello... my wife and I are at a crossroad, I have recently done an in depth sperm test and we are now waiting for the results. But the decision that we are faced is do we proceed with an IUI or an IVF. Basically our doctor told us our chance to conceive with IUI is 20% and IVF 50% (pending sperm test) although the cost is overwhelming, I do have PSHCP with my work so I know the cost will be slightly less with IUI but I think that we will be more successful with an IVF... the reason i am skeptical with IUI is I do not know anyone personally that the IUI worked. We are friends with two couples that had multiple IUI but in the end had a baby through IVF.

Is there hope with IUI or should we go for the IVF? FYI my wife's main problem seems to be irregular periods with irregular ovulation.


Aleka - February 27

Listen what your friends may not be telling you is that they have poor sperm parameters (marginal motility or morphology) or a wife who has blocked tubes. I have gotten pregnant with IVF once and 5 times with IUI or naturally. If your wife is under 35 which based on the stats your RE gave you she most likely is then do clomid and iui. If she ovulates then try that for three months. If not move on to injectables and your success rates are even higher. Most RE's all say the quickest way to a pregnancy is IVF but give 6 months of IUIs a shot if you both are cleared (open tubes , good sperm)


Cailin - February 27

I would definitely give IUI a try before moving to IVF. Unfortunately, IUIs never worked for me, but my sister got pregnant on her 2nd IUI and she has irregular periods and ovulation which I do not. It really depends on the person, timing, etc. so many factors. My insurance didn't cover IUIs or IVF, only the medication. If your insurance covers so many of each, I would deplete the IUIs first and then move to IVF.

Ultimately, it is your and your wife's decision. This process can be emotionally draining, so I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to pull out the big guns (IVF) at the beginning.


Anya - February 27

It really all depends on what your circumstances are - diagnoses, age, finances, etc. But I would give IUI a try at least a few times before trying IVF, unless your doc says IUI wouldn't be a good option for you as a couple. Yes, IUI has a lower success rate, but, for many, over the course of a few IUIs, there may be success. If it doesn't work after a few IUIs, then you may consider IVF. My husband and I have had a similar dilemma. We have tried 3 IUIs with Clomid and had to decide whether to move onto injectables with IUI or to IVF. We had initially decided to go to IVF after the 3rd failed IUI because, in the long run for us, we're not sure if it's going to be successful at this point. However, we are completely out of pocket and we're having to wait on IVF. So we're trying a couple more IUIs in the meantime. If you haven't tried IUI (at least 2-3 times) it's worth it to try, since it's cheaper and less invasive. Good luck!


Kali - February 27

We did around 5 or 6 IUIs. None worked. My husband had went on clomid and only 1 of the times his count was down but the other times they were over 20 million. I had an HSG done to check my tubes and my tubes are open. So the only problem now is that I have endometriosis but they said I should be able to get pregnant because my tubes and uterus looked good and my husband count was better now. I wish that I had went on to IVF instead of all those IUIs. Everyone is different though.
We are getting ready to do IVF. We just refinanced our house and we are doing the shared risk program. Good luck.


tonette - March 19

Well, it's really up to the both of you. You need to decide it very seriously because having this two kinds of infertility treatment is indeed not a joke. So, which is really up to you to take a pick.


joanne - March 22

Actually, these two kinds of infertility treatment are quite very effective, but it's also quite very expensive. many would like to try but the problem is they can't afford the financially.


Mariz-D. - April 11

If its what they really want then go for it. It's not that bad, isn't it?


Ida - September 9

if you are going to ask me, you should ask your doctor what would be the best option to try, since he/she already did the test. doctors know what is more appropriate in your case.


jasminecolland002 - October 21

You should ask your doctor or have a second opinion. Either of the two treatment is good but there is a need for you to be evaluated by your Doctor. Me I had my successful IVF treatment in Bangalore India as referred by my provider PlacidWay but before that I had a failed IVF treatment on our 1st try. So basically there's always a risk. If you want you can try having it done on the clinic where i had my IVF treatment.


antonella - November 20

If your sperm is in good quality, you needn't to do the surgery. As your know, the successful rate of surgery is not high and it would bring great harm to women's reproductive organs.

And you said your wife's main problem seems to be irregular periods with irregular ovulation. Could you kindly tell us what is the exact cause of your wife's main problem seems to be irregular periods with irregular ovulation?

Many genecological diseases would cause this problem, if her situation is led by endometriosis, adenomyosis, PID or some similar diseases, she could try herbal supplement FUYAN PILL. It could not only cure this diseases, but also repair women's reproductive organs. So it has helped thousands of women get pregnant successfully.

If you still want to know more optional remedies for your situation. Professional online doctors, such as Dr Lee Xiaoping could help you.

Hope this could help you.



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