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Laparoscopy experiences
10 Replies
Holly - February 22

In about a month, I'll be having a common "fertility" surgery combination... Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.

The Hysteroscopy is less invasive, because they go in through the cervix. I may have some pain and discomfort from that, depending on how much "remodeling" they have to do inside my uterus. But apparently the hysteroscopy itself is pretty minor (sometimes it's done without any anesthesia, when it is just being done for diagnosis, not repair also like in my case).

It's the Laparoscopy that actually involves incisions and some recovery. But I know it's a really common diagnostic procedure, to look for and remove if necessary things like Endometriosis, pelvic adhesion, etc. I think some of you ladies out there have already had it. I also know it's really not very major, but I'd like to hear about your experience... tips to get ready or tips for just after the surgery, length of recovery, etc.


January - February 22

I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in Jan. They removed a small endometrioma from my ovary and also freed my ovary as it was adhered to underlying tissue.

I had my surgery at about 10.30 and was ready to leave the hospital at 12.30! Well ready in there eyes anyway, personally l could have done with a little longer to really wake up.

The only pain l had was when l initially woke up in recovery and had quite nasty cramps. They gave me some IV Tramol and the cramps went quite quickly. That was the only pain l ever had.

The worst part for me was the anesthetic. For the first 3-4 days l was really woozy and slept a LOT. I think this is because l am really small and the meds just knocked me.

All in all it was fine. Good luck!


Summer - February 22

My experience was actually quite good - I went in and it was supposed to take 1 hour - I was in for 2 hours, the doctor finding severe endometriosis. Anyway, I only had the two incisions - one through the belly button and one underneath it. I came out of the anaesthetic with the pain in the neck for which I had tramal (allergic to codeine, so couldn't have panadeine forte). I slept all that afternoon and most of the next morning and was feeling pretty much my normal self on day 3, although still a bit tender.

So, have some good pain killing medication like tramal and you should be fine! Oh, a pillow is handy for on your way home as going over bumps is a little uncomfortable. Your bed will be your best friend for the first day afterwards!


Belladonna - February 22

My Lap went really smoothly. My biggest thing was making myself rest afterwards. I hate being down(as discovered when I ended back in the hospital after my hysto...)

I didn't have a lot of pain afterwards, just tenderness mostly. They put two incisions in me, one in my belly button and another really low(in fact it is now covered by my hysto scar). Very small like a half inch long.

Before the Laparoscopy, I was okay, we waited for what seemed like forever and was done before I knew it. I do remember that after waking up, I was really really groggy and I felt a big tightness throughout my lower abdomen.

Be careful of the pain meds. The narcotic pain meds is one of the reasons I landed back in the hospital. Only take what you need.


Feliz - February 22

The only problem is the lap is a "quick fix" so to speak..I had 2 prior to my hysto and now the doctor thinks it's back. Yes even with no uterus I can still have it. He thinks it is in my diaphragm now.

The laparoscopy is going to help for awhile but there is no real fix for it. It doesn't ever go away. Even after my hysto I thought "yay, no more pain" But alas, that was not the truth. it's not as 'bad' as it was, but still there.


trenxiah - February 23

For me I don't have a first hand experience about laparoscopy but I know about this through my research. The woman who undergo with this operation must be very careful so it won't have no complicated.


geraldine - February 26

I really don't have any idea on what is this because I have not experience it..thanks God! But from what I read from all the sharing in this forum, then I know how serious it is to undergo and experience laparoscopy.


eulla - April 14

In gynecology, diagnostic laparoscopy may be used to inspect the outside of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, for example in the diagnosis female infertility. Usually, there is one incision near the navel and a second near to the pubic hairline.[1]


vivian - April 14

It was such an experience really for all of you guys! I admire your courage and determination to have such not at all exciting experience..but you've all done it for the sake of infertility treatment.


randpaul75 - August 10

Yes trenxiah! you're absolutely right about being careful
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antonella - November 20

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