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Laptop Causes Infertility
12 Replies
Wennie d Pooh - April 2

Hello, I just want to know if it's true that having laptop on your lap, causes infertility? If yes, then why?


mellie - April 2

Yeah, laptop on the lap can causes infertility to men. It is found in a certain infertility research that when men use their laptop in their lap, instead on their desks, maybe overheating their male parts, which can be of great risks, damaging their sperm.


Charlrine - April 2

this is for men only, isn't it? But in some cases only as it is found in some cases not to all.


Phill - April 3

I think you have an idea, it is to be thought provoking, Specifically to those male who have so sensitive genes.


La`tara - April 3

there is actually a study made for this that men should not literally put their laptops on lap because it can cause infertility. laptops heat the testicles and will cause infertility.


Giggle - April 4

How about for women? Now, I'm beginning to worry. :(


thea - April 4

It's very much true and many men could greatly prove to that! So, men, beware of putting your laptop on your lap to avoid infertility issue.


Lucy - April 4

Is it proven already? I'm scared, because I always put my laptop on my lap.But, it is not yet too late,from now on I would no longer put my laptop on my lap.


beverly - April 5

I think it's the reason why my husband can't impregnate me..because he always working on his laptop on his lap..but, I guess, for the 3 years of our marriage it is too early to tell that one of us is infertile, right?


xoxofeel - April 6

beverly, I guess you better check with your doctor. 3 years? I should be alarmed if I reached that period of not having a baby. Just a thought maybe there are some issues or what not? Just my two cents.


cheryl - April 7

Yes, i agree..3 years is a long span of time already and it's quite alarming, if I were you, I think I need to consult a doctor, to know what's really the cause why you are still not pregnant.


Sylvia - April 9

If this is so why not do away with it. put the laptop in the right place. and also this thing would not get easily damaged.


Jane14 - April 11

That's true! It's because of the radiation you get when you are using the laptop. Just try to avoid it first when you want to have a baby.



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