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Lengthen use of BirthControl
8 Replies
Grace6005 - January 31

I would like to know whether the lengthen use of birth control can destroy fertilization of a woman? I been using birth control for a very long time. And now, my husband and I would like to have a baby, it is almost four years of waiting, but to no avail. Nothing happen, I have not able to conceive since then.


Berthy146 - February 1

Yes, there's a possibility that using birth control for a long time can cause total infertility but to be sure seek an advise from the expert of this matter.


Jessica303 - February 2

Yes, the long period of time in using the birth control may cause side effects but I'm not sure whether the side effects is the fertility defects. It is better to seek an advise from the doctor.


heatherlyn - February 3

Yes, very much! I have a friend who really regretted a lot why she's using such birth control because now that they are both ready financially with her husband to have a baby, they no longer can't have even one because they both have suffering infertility problems.


Lovely grace - April 13

Yes! you should have read its effects before engaging into any pills. Now you will have hard time on having a baby.


missy - April 13

In some women, however, pharmaceutical birth control methods has been shown to adversely affect or destroy the cervical fluid needed for conception. Usually, but not always, this fluid is regenerated once the woman goes off the pill. If the fluid is damaged or not regenerated, there is a possibility that conception could be impacted. However, the biggest danger of using pharmaceutical methods of birth control is that it makes the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases much easier which can absolutely increase the chances of infertility.


tonette - April 14

I had a friend also who is like you that she's been taking a birth control pill for a very long time because she doesn't want to get pregnant immediately after marriage because they're planning to have house of their own..but now that they have everything they want, they plan to have a baby. Unfortunately, they can't because of infertility issues brought about by birth control pills.


twinkie - July 31

although it's true most especially if you're taking it for a very very long time, but still, it's a case to case basis. i have a friend who's taking it for straight 15 years but got pregnant month after off pills.


vidduh - August 1

of course not! there's no strong evidence that long term use of BC pills cause infertility. as long as you're off pills, everything will be back to normal.



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