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Needs Affection
13 Replies
Marypaz - January 28

I need an affection from my live-in partner but his so passive. Even if I give him a sweet motivation, he just go directly to the climax while I am still in the introduction stage. Until now I am a barren woman. Is there a possibility of an infertility.


monina ninyah - January 29

I don't think by just lacking of some needed affection can make a woman infertility. It's really not the bases of getting an infertility problem. Talk to your live-in partner what you like..then be honest to him..about your feelings. If he loves you then, he will understand.


kelly003 - January 31

There's a possibility that you can't have a child if you continue to be in relationship with a guy who don't care about your needs. But it doesn't mean you will be a barren women for good. I think he's not good enough. If I were you, I would try to look for someone who could truly be good enough for me.


joanne - February 4

Ask an expert about this matter..they are the most reliable person who could give you an exact answers on your question.


lovely mae - February 8

Why don't you just tell him what you need from him and what you want him do for you. I think you really lack communication, just be open and I know if he really loves you then, he will do what makes you happy.


fionah jane - February 8

Some men are very insensitive. They don't want to show some affection to women because they don't want to be branded as "under a woman's skirts" In your case, I think your man only thinks too of why breaking up with him? Look for another man who is willing to show his love and cares for you a lot.


Narry - February 10

Your boyfriend is a selfish person. He is only thinking of himself.He may not be a good lifetime partner.


nannx - February 16

I don't like the attitude of your husband, sorry!... he is not the only man that may become your life time partner. it is natural for the woman to be cared and to be loved.


theame23 - February 17

the woman needs these. but be a practical woman. do the first move, patiently seduce your husband, don't feel ashamed. sex is the spice of life. if you need an affection be the first one to do the first move.


kelly thomas - February 20

Yes,flirt your husband. Don't be shy in giving him the first move because in the first place you're no longer a boyfriend or girlfriend. You are already married, right? So, go girl!


Ferdiez - February 25

in driving it is needed that there first a roadway test, as it is in sexual play not just jump down instantly, how come the woman get satisfaction when there's no motivation, as far as I know woman can't easily reach the climax if it is not motivated.


Elizabeth B. - April 10

Why dont you just tell him the truth that hes not really doing it right or what you want. Maybe he will understand and make it up to you. :)


bambie - April 10

Affection is all that we need the most with our partner, if your partner is now very passive of your longings, then ask him..probably he also has reasons. Who knows, you fail also to give him before some affection that's why.


Trixia - April 10

Your situation is not so unusual, I don't know why there are men who don't like motivation, they just jump to the climax. How about you make a move, to show an x-rated before you make sexual play. but only the two of you must see this show inside your own bedroom.



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