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New to the process
10 Replies
Lavinia - February 27

My husband and I have been trying to conceive #2 since Sept. last year. Yesterrday I went for my "Infertility Consultation" with my reg. OB/GYN. I am currently at Cycle Day 28 and should expect my period on CD#30/31.
I get to have an intra-uterine US to check ovaries and uterus. My husband also is going to have a Semen Analysis done.
Is there anyone new to the process that would like to tag along and chit-chat about our new experiences or Ladies with any advice to chime in with?


Kendra - February 27

I am going through infertility too. I have been trying to conceive for three years with one miscarriage. One advise that I have for is stop wasting your time going to your OBGYN. You need to go straight to a infertility specialist. They will be able to help you so much more. I did the same thing seeing different OBGYN and all it did was waist time. Precious time when I could have gotten pregnant. For me time is on the essence. I have been diagnosed with a high FSH level. That means that the quantity and/or quality is low. I have "old eggs".


Ralphina - February 27

We are also trying for our second. I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter that is my miracle baby and we have been ttc for about 7 years. I have had 3 failed chlomid cycles and 3 failed IUI with follistim. We took some time off to mentally prepare myself for the IVF ROUTE. We are not sure if we are going to have to use donor eggs or not, will sit down with my RE and discuss our options. It sounds like Both you and I are at the same place right now. Good Luck I hope are are able to get some answers. Have you thought about going to a Reproductive Endocrinologist? I think you should talk to your OB about referring you to an RE.


Surie - February 27

I also did most of my tests through my OB then he was able to refer me to an RE based on those tests. Even now my RE will call my OB and ask him to write a script for some things so I can get it covered by my insurance. I also called my insurance and got all the information I needed to know what was covered and what wasn't so I knew exactly what was covered. I hope you get all your answers soon. I was expecting to get my period today but she hasn't shown yet but I will be getting my blood work on day 3 and then an ultrasound on day 5.


Sabina - February 27

I would recommend skipping the OB and going straight to the RE. I spent nine months with my OB who did nothing but prescribe ever increasing doses of Clomid. And I had to push to even get that. He tried to tell me to just go home and wait and not worry about it even though I was 39. When I finally saw an RE in November I found out I had POA and have little chance of conceiving with my own eggs. Now I am left to wonder if I would have a better chance if I had not wasted those nine months. Maybe not, but I'll never know.


rhea mae - March 1

The process of infertility is really quite confusing..but if it will help such couple with infertility problems, then why not taking time to go with the process.


Claire - March 1

Imagine that you said, that it is just a waste of time in seeing an obgyne. I think am still believe in gyne, they are professional.They study for the illness of the women. Do not under estimate their capability.


heatherlyn - March 12

The process of doing infertility treatment really needs a lot of patience and determination. If you want to have a baby or want to get pregnant, I think you need to understand the process on how to do it, what you need to do in order to succeed with it and be able to wait patiently with the result.Don't just rush in doing the process and ended up frustrated.


Jackielyn - March 13

Do you think it can really help you? Do some study if it can really help you, because if you would not be careful enough to do such thing..and if the result is in the other side of the coin then ....FRUSTRATION might comes in.


Cheren - March 23

If this can be of great help to gain infertility then why not follow it religiously?


Fruitez - March 25

I have a cousin who also submit a kind of process like yours. And they got what they hope to get and they have now five healthy children. Thanks God!



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