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No Sperm count
9 Replies
MrNiceGuy - February 25

My partner and I have been trying for baby for the past 2 years, we finally decided to go to the doctors. they referred us on to the infertility clinic. my partner always thought she was the cause of not getting pregnant, as she is a bit over weight. turns out all her examinations and results were perfect and it is me that is the cause as I have no sperm count at all.

we went to the clinic this after noon, only to be told the only way forward was for donor semination. that i could not father a child.

i was very shocked at this as i have a child to a previous marraige, i have a boy who is 9yrs old. it turns out that i have a chromosone disease. the doctor was very shocked that i have a child, he said it was likely that ive had this disease since being a child myself.

he is testing me for karmotype, and cystic fibrosis, he said this will prove if ive had this from a child. i get the impression from the doctor that i've never been able to father a child.

i am now very confused, and i have 2 wait 2 weeks to get the results back. i have tried researching on the internet, cant find any answers i am looking for.


Siena - February 25

I'm sorry that you have received this diagnosis. It's not an easy one to take (as really none are!) My husband has a similar issue. His karyotype showed that he has Klinefelters Syndrome. You referred to a chromosomal issue so I wondered if this is possibly what you have as well? I'm not sure though since you have fathered a husband was born with this. From what I have read, there have only been two reported cases of KS patients naturally fathering children without some form of medical intervention.

Regardless of what causes your zero sperm count, there is hope! There is a procedure referred to as TESE (I think this stands for testicular sperm extraction). A urologist who specializes in male factor infertility would perform the procedure and would search for sperm in your testes. With my husband's diagnosis, our doctor gave us a 50% chance of finding sperm, using this procedure. This would be paired with IVF and ICSI (where they inject the sperm, if found, directly into the egg). Through this procedure, men with no sperm in their ejaculate have gone on to father biological children. One thing to consider is if you have a chromosomal issue, it or other issues are more likely in your genetic offspring. Don't give up hope yet.


Kyoko - February 25

We are going through the same thing. But we have a 2 fold problem. We weren't exactly trying to have another child when we found out that he had ZERO sperm count.
First let me say. My husband is almost 37yrs. He had his 1st and only child when he was 34yrs old. Then at about 35yrs old he started feeling really tired and depressed. His doctor ran some test and all of sudden his thyroid and testosterone were extremely low. His Testosterone was 50. Which a normal man's is 500-1000 they said.

Then the Dr. ordered tests, sperm count, FSH, LH. Zero sperm count, the fsh lh were off too. The doctors were shocked that he had fathered a child and now had a zero sperm count. So they sent him to an endocrinologist. They couldn't figure out why, so they blamed it on sleep apnea. We told them his CPAP wouldn't fix it because he won't keep the machine on during the night.


Tarina - February 25

The leading cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Others may be low sperm motility, bad excellence sperm, and lack of semen.
In general, most cases of male sterility are due to low sperm count. There are many biologic and ecological factors that can guide to low sperm count. Here is a list if conditions that may cause low sperm count in men.
Symptoms of Low Sperm Count
• Wide and erratic mood swings
• Irrational behavior
• Increased aggressiveness (steroid or roid rage)
• Irritability
• Increased sex drive (libido) in men and sometimes in women
• Depression


Misty - February 25

My husband and I have recently been told that his semen analysis showed no sperm count as well. This was a result of being on prescribed testosterone injections. Our endocrinologist put him on the testosterone KNOWING we were trying to have a child, but thought it would HELP our situation. His sperm count was fine before starting the 'therapy' and after he had NOTHING. We are very frustrated with the physician and have found out there are no specialists in the area.
It's a very hard situation to go through with such a lack of research and resources.


mocca baby - February 26

Just don't give will surely get your the right time!


zemsh - February 26

I feel of what have you felt. It is so nice to have a baby coming from our own (image and likeness).I appreciate so much of this kind of attitude.
In your case take fruit and vegetables.


greggy - February 26

it is the happiest moment of the woman to have a child .If the mother held the seminar about this matter, then in a clarificatioon to this, the sperm count must be closely monitored.


Valery - February 27

As far as I know infertility refers to the inability of humans to reproduce. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. I know one reason, that the male has a low-sperm count. A male normally releases about 250 to 400 million sperm cells per ejaculation. Males need to ejaculate this large number of sperm cells since very few sperm cells ever reach the egg. A number significantly lower than this is considered low. When the sperm count is low, the chances of fertilization is also low.


Franklin - April 13

Is it possible that the 9yr old boy is not yours? Maybe your previous wife cheated on you. Just accept the reality.



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