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Secondary Infertility
13 Replies
january_lyn - January 28

I had my first baby at the age of 25. We had limited income before that's why we plan to have our second baby 10 years after. But then I'm now, I still don't get pregnant. I'm already at my 38 years of age..still we don't get any progress. Is this mean I'm suffering a secondary infertility problem? How can I be able to overcome this problem? Please help!


kelly thomas - January 28

Hello Kelly! You and your husband really had this long years of planning to have another child huh! But,planning is good especially like us who really suffering for such a limited income. You're really not alone in this journey. Anyways, I think what you are having now is indeed a secondary infertility problem. To overcome this problem, you need to consult a very good doctor to help you in finding ways to get pregnant again.Hope I have given you some points to ponder. Bye!


january_lyn - January 28

Thanks for such points there my friend. But I'm quite confused with your the greetings for me or for yourself?..LOL! Okey, I will follow your advice. Thanks so much!


kelly thomas - January 28

Ha!ha!ha! The greeting is supposed to be..Hello, I'm Kelly! Pardon me my friend. So shame of me...ha!ha!ha!


monique - February 4

Secondary infertility extremely vary from the primary infertility. It's often very difficult to accept the secondary infertility..because some parent or couple have felt some guilt in them because of the waste time they have waited just to have a second child..but with no avail, they can't have an additional one..sometimes it's hard for them to accept it's their fault.


pretty mhama - February 5

Yeah with the combination of having guilt feelings and frustration of having to have a secondary the worst experience a couple could have experience.


Hannah - April 13

I can't imagine how you manage on having a baby for 10 years. That's kinda hard to achieve. Anyway, its hard for you to get pregnant since it as been very long time since you had your first baby. But dont lose hope.


angelamack - July 20

Men infertility is very difficult issues; it brings a various feelings such as depression, anger, stress, frustration and guilt. There is a variety of issues including in male infertility such as Age, immune disorders, Sexually transmitted diseases, Cancer treatments, Lifestyle and environmental issues etc.


sweetie - July 31

as we aged, our chances of getting pregnant slows down. anyway, how long have you been trying? give it at least a year, if nothing happens, then see a fertility specialists.


PIA - August 1

try to have regular sex, it's your best chance of becoming pregnant. aside from that you might also want to consider fertility treatment. by following this method, most couples do eventually conceive.


Libby22 - October 10

did you last birth have any problems, I had a retain placenta thats why I think i cant have anymore.


antonella - November 24

Your sercond miscarriage could be caused by the inflammation of your fallopian tubes. Because if you hadn't dealt with your first miscarriage well, your fallopian tubes would get inflammated,

To solve your problem, the herbal supplement "fuyan pill" is very suitable, it could not only kill bacterial, anti-inflammation. But also has the function of repairing women's reproductive organs.

And if you still have any question, you could consult online doctors, such as Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic.

Hope this is helpful for you.


brendahurst - December 3

I think you should consult with the doctor and get your doubts cleared about whether it is good to take a chance now, see that you are give an idea about your menstrual dates so that there he can diagnose your problem. You can also use coupe menstruelle protection rather than using tampons or pads during your periods so that you are comfortable during those days, you may check it online from


JamesLackey - September 24

Really nice information.
Thanks for wonderful suggestions.



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