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Semen Collection
6 Replies
Portia - February 22

I need some pointers on how to get my husband “sample of guys” out and to the lab. We tried the obvious he “extracted” a sample we added the solution that was supposed to keep them alive and well for 3 hours, but we failed to keep it body temp. We actually were not aware of the temp issue. So a few questions, Should I help him? does this effect the amount and quality released, he felt very pressured to perform and didn’t perform so well. His count did come back a little low could this be from the experience, it was VERY awkward to have to plan this out for us. We live an hour away from the hospital we have to bring it so planning is necessary. I need some pointers from women or men that had to do this? We want to get a “good” sample, but with the least amount of awkwardness!


Noelle - February 22

Each lab seems to work a bit differently. I was given a sterile sample cup for my husband's sample. We collected it at home (he DID not want me to "help" or even be around him!). I'm unfamiliar with the "solution" you mentioned adding. I then tucked the cup in between my breasts (to keep it warm!) and rushed it to the lab, which was only a few minutes from home. Cup got transferred to a paper bag before I went in though! Yeah, that would have been funny, whip the sample cup from my bra and say "Ta-Da! Here it is!" LOL!


Tirion - February 22

My husband did it all by himself at home and then drove it down the hospital, he kept the pot in his boxers. But he didn't have to add anything.


Winter - February 22

My BF did it himself too, at first he wanted me to help but I thought it was a bit tricky and pointed out that it would be more difficult for me to catch the sample in the cup, it was kind of small! Anyway, once it was decided he was to do it himself he didn't want me anywhere near him! lol! I was worried too about his ability to perform because I know he felt under pressure but I think withholding for 5 days took care of that, he couldn't not perform! lol! I think I put it under my jumper on the way to hospital to keep it warm, and then when we got to the hospital he put it in his pocket. The travel to the hospital only takes about 10 mins but then with parking and then getting to where we had to be it probably took about 40 mins all in all! We also didn't have a solution to mix with it and I have always heard that if you get there within an hour it's fine.


Tavia - February 22

My hubby did his by himself and put it in his pocket inside his sweater and took it to the lab which is 45 minutes away from where we live.


Brendi - February 23

So, it is to get a semen from your husband? you convenced him to do it inside the hospital so it can be examined instantly.


Gee - April 13

LOL! We haven't tried that. But I will encourage him.. Thanks for sharing!



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