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Sleeping Impaired
12 Replies
Leanne - March 25

If there is a sleeping disorder, can it cause an infertility? I can not sleep at a required hours of sleeping and I've been married for two years now but still we don't have a baby yet.


dianne - March 25

having sleepless night or sleeping problems will surely affect you and by having a baby as you get stressed out.


jinky - March 25

I think so, but to make sure..have a proper consultation to your doctor..probably you have experiencing an insomnia. then just ask for a proper treatment with your sleeping diaorder.


AshleyKey - March 26

You know, if worries is in your mind you surely became restless. Try to relax so that your mind won't go beyond the normal thinking. Then your disorder in your sleeping may be corrected.


tonette - March 26

I agree! I think you can't sleep because you are worried of something..your mind is very much preoccupied with lots of things, that's why you can't, just relax..


glaiza - March 27

i guess so... i've been working on night shifts and was recently diagnosed with insomnia (severe)... most of the time i only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep and not that good at all. been married with my husband for 4 years and never had any child after all. i guess my state of being so much stressed out has affect me so much with my health.


jobelyn - March 28

You need to have vitamins that would give you a good night sleep..ask the doctor about how you can sleep will and good.


Rezae - March 29

It depends upon the individual who have this disorder, if her reproductive is weak then there is a possibility that it may cause the case of infertility. Imagined she can't sleep the required amount of sleeping for our body.


Yenyeh - March 29

Our body needs an eight hours to sleep. If the woman doesn't sleep the required amount of sleeping then the problems takes in. And it connected to some area of our body parts and it is included the reproductive organ.


cheska - March 29

Have a proper consultation about it with your's not good not to be able to get a good sleep..


Sarah - April 1

Many different factors contribute to sleep problems, and women who are dealing with infertility can find getting enough rest and sleep is so challenging. That's why those women who are suffering from both insomnia and infertility must have proper consultation to the doctor and ask for a proper medication regarding these two health problems.


tara - April 1

consult a specialist if your problem has been running for years to help you out. sleeping disorder indeed can affect fertility.


EsmerJay - April 3

Before going to bed, take with you a prayer booklet and ask God a good sleep. Because if you don't have enough sleep, you may face a bigger problem about your physical body.



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