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starting the embryo donation journey
5 Replies
Azaria - February 26

So I've completed phase 1 of my embryo donation journey. Which is getting on the waist list and my clinic. (which can be as quick as next month or as long as 6 months- depends on when people release them and complete their tests.) I am actually okay with a little bit of wait, with all that has happened in the past year.

Phase 2 is Monday and meeting with the psychologist.

We are going to keep trying in the meantime on our own, but feel pretty confident (with our history) embryo donation is the way to go for us.

Anyone else about to begin this journey or getting started soon?/ in the next few months?


Shoshana - February 26

I just wanted to wish you luck and success in your journey !
It is a wonderful thing. We have twin girls through embryo adoption.


Bena - February 26

My husband and I are currently trying one final IVF cycle but are going to get started on the embryo adoption route as well. Our clinic does not have a waiting list but we are looking at NEDC. We would have to go through a home study however and plan on doing that after my final IVF.


Faine - February 26

I wish you the best of luck in your next steps. I understand about being excited about getting started yet enjoying time off, I want the new year to be here asap, but I'm also quite happy enjoying a glass of wine right now!

We are considering embryo adoption or donation and know really nothing about it. What is a good first step? How did you decide on donation or adoption?

We also don't know if it's right for us. How did you decide/what prompted you to go forward with it?

If we do decide to go with embryo adoption/donation it'll probably start in the new year.


Azaria - February 26

Hi Faine, I met with my RE about our next options after 4 failed IVFs, and after my research here about it. For me donor egg is too expensive and eggs are our issue. I think a lot has to do with what is your source of issue.

I decided to do Embryo donation because it' much cheaper and no home study is required. My cycle will be $3500. Adoptions typically run closer to $8000. But not all clinics offer donation. Adoption is becoming more frequently available but for me I knew using donor embryos does not offer guarantees so I wanted to spend as little as possible.

At my clinic, there is a few month wait for donor embryos, but when I get them, I will know lots about the donors- include a full medical/ psychological/ etc... So that was important to me.

An important thing to consider is the lack of biological connection- and whether this is something you can live with...

Good luck!


yhen2 - February 26

I took part of the journey of the fertilized egg(Zygote)undergoes a series of divisions called CLEAVAGE then to Morula to Blastula then to BLASTOCYST THEN TO form the embryo and the embyonic tissue. this journey is still in the first week.



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