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The Natural Way of Getting Pregnant
11 Replies
Monneth-4127 - January 28

I want to get pregnant. I'ts almost two years now of my marriage with my husband that I still don't get good result with my fertility. As much as I want to have a baby but I'm afraid to try some means and ways on getting pregnant brought about by the new trends of technology. Can you suggests some tips on how I can get pregnant the natural way?
Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Glyrish - January 28

How about putting a pillow in your buttock of which you're in the inclined position,in this position you're in doing a sexual play. Just try this technique.


BettyAze - February 1

You may try take a natural diet. In taking nutritious food daily, the one, may experience a natural sexual aggressiveness.


january lyn - February 2

Have a perfect timing sex..and take some natural fertility supplements. I think these will help you get pregnant naturally.


helen of troy - February 5

Well, for me, a women can get pregnant naturally by taking good care of her fertility and practice the right lifestyles at all times.


Expeze - February 5

How about do some little exercise. Added by a healthy lifestyle. Go away of eating junk foods and drinking wine and liquors. Awareness of working beyond the capability your body.


monique - February 8

Planning is good in getting pregnant.You need to have a careful planning with your partner. It may not work out the way you planned, but give yourself at least 2 months before you will actively start trying.


premie - February 10

God created our sexual desires. It should be used in its proper time and place. And to become pregnant it must be prayed and lift it up to the Lord for He is the Creator of all the things. Whatever happens God allows it.


Gorgeos - February 10

eat plenty of foods high in the antioxidant. and try to research foods which can help your libido do actively.


andyMher - February 16

there are methods of how to get pregnant in a natural way. Eat a healthy diets and be aware of the works that may trigger to blow-out the suppose-to-be fetus.


melie33 - February 17

you need to get pregnant in a natural way, vitamin E is thought by some experts to stimulate sex organs by revving up hormonic output of the pituitary gland and through these I think it can help you in getting pregnant in a natural way.


jinke11 - February 17

having a natural pregnancy can be achieved through knowing the right foods that may help. I know that a diet rich in B vitamins will help keep it working properly.



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