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To give up or not to give up
13 Replies
Cailin - February 25

Hi all,

I think i need a bit of encouragement as I am so fed up. Can anyone give me a few tips on what they are doing to try and conceive as I am totally losing all hope.

I'm just like all of you guys in here, Thinking its never going to happen!

Everyone says your more likely to fall pregnant when your not thinking about it, But how is this possible when you want something so bad? I feel like it is taking over my life.


Anya - February 25

How long have you been trying to conceive? With my first, I tried naturally for about 18 months, then ended up seeking medical assistance from my Gyn. Finally, after 2 years (total) about 4-6 months with the doctor's help, I was pregnant.

It is frustrating, but the moment it becomes THAT frustrating, it may be time to take a break for a few months. A few months free of thermometers, charts, scheduled sex, etc. Those breaks will do a lot for you mentally. I know, easier said than done.


Kali - February 25

Anya, I've been trying to conceive for almost a year, Not as long as you so I imagine you were feeling a lot worse than me. I know what you mean about maybe taking a break, the stress and upset cant be good for me, Its just when you want something so bad you don't want to waste any time. That may sound silly but I'm sure you know where I'm coming from.


Bryony - February 25

Take a deep breath and calm down. Being stressed can be the cause of you not getting pregnant. From what you wrote you are taking plenty of supplements, don't over do it. Just relax and think positive, it will happen when you least expect it. Good Luck!


Solange - February 25

I had two acquaintances who went on vacation and got pregnant may be worth a try. Best of luck.


redie - February 25

Don't lose hope. Be a follower of Christ. A child as far as I know is a gift of God to the parents,just wait! Prayer is so powerful.


sionyFe - February 26

it is a normal feeling if you lose your hope of waiting to have a baby. But if you would like to have an answered prayer then don't give-up. God would give you the blessings to receive the blessing of a productive person


kaerch - February 27

it is of your hope and determination coupled with your faith in God, then you may given your wish.


martha - February 27

as i`ve remembered before, my gyne advised me to get some proper exercise and practice healthy lifestyle. i was also having a hard time to conceive before. aside from those, i take up vitamins and supplements and avoided any vices that will somehow lead to infertility.


arlyn - March 23

Conceiving is not only our own will but it is of the Lord. Remember God is the owner of our lives and it is in His will that we are able to conceive. Take time to talk to Him. And ask for His blessings that you may become His pro -creator.


mellie - March 25

well, the choice is yours. If you want to give up..then there's nothing we can do to change your mind about it especially if you are really want to do it.


Sarah - March 30

Why giving up? How long have you been trying to get pregnant and then it was not successful? Have you consulted already a Doctor about your problem? If your answer is still no, then you need not to give up because you still have bigger chances and it's not impossible if you keep trying.


Nennet - April 3

Anxious takes over your personality. Just take it easily. If you give up could you become successful?


Poohly - April 4

Solange, I love your idea. I guess that is really needed for couples who thought they've already tried their hardest but still nothing happens. Having a nice and calmest vacation can ease all the worries and stresses we're having.

Thinking of booking a tour now! :)



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