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two blocked tubes
4 Replies
GALE - August 8

just discovered i have 2 blocked fallopian tubes. need to visit back the doctor and he will then determine whether should i or shouldn't i undergo surgery.


maye - September 9

it is about time to undergo a fallopian tube procedures especially if you are planning to have a baby in the near future. think about it.


corey - September 9

fallopian tubes blockage typically prevents a successful passage of the egg to the sperm. surgery can help to try to correct this common cause of infertility. there will be a specific type of surgery which depends on the location and extent of your fallopian tube blockage. talk to your doctor about it.


bellagreen - November 19

Research shows that almost 1/3 of female infertilities are caused by the fallopian tube blockage. The incidence of this disease in adult women tends to increase in recent years. It is a therapeutic problem in gynecological disease which brings great distress to women as well as many families. For different patients, experts suggest that in addition to using general surgery treatments, some other treatment approach like Chinese acupuncture should be used together to cure fallopian tube blockage.

In China, tubal blockage often can be treated with methods like Salpingectomy, Fimbrioplasty, Tubal Reanastomosis, Selective Tubal Cannulation, and some herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill. However, there are also certain natural remedies that can be used to help cure this problem without taking surgical procedures and having medicines. We call it acupuncture therapy and it is usually associated with the use of wormwood during the treatment.


ada smith - November 21

treatments of tube blockage
1. Surgeries
a. Salpingoplasty. Salpingolysis, neostomy and etc.
b. Fallopian tube injection. Drugs are injected into uterine cavity and tubes, such as antibiotics, dexamethasone and hyaluronidase which melted in normal saline.
2. Medicines
a. Western medicines. They can be effective, but have side effects.
b. tcm. There is a very good choice, fuyan pill, a traditional Chinese herb medicine. It is all natural, has no side effect, and it will take about three months to be healthy again if you strictly obeyed the diet, such as eating more insipid food and remembering to eat regularly.
hope you be healthy again soon.



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