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Want a baby!
11 Replies
Oriane - February 25

I'm 23 years old and have been having unprotected sex for the past year or more. My fiance and I have been together for over 4 years. He is 28. I always get the symptoms that I'm pregnant like being tired a lot, breast tenderness, that kinda thing but still am getting my period. It's not always normal tho. And I have been gaining weight like crazy! Maybe these "symptoms" are in my head I'm just very worried that I may not be able to have kids. Seems like most of the people I know get pregnant just by having their partner breathe on them. Anyways. What should I do? Is it unusual for someone as young as me to be having such problems having a baby? Should I seek help?


Veda - February 25

It seems like it's almost impossible when you are trying and then when you aren't...boom.
The actual window that you can conceive is really small. Everything has to be just right. Are you keeping track of your ovulation? You can buy a kit at the store, that may help.


Hoshi - February 25

I have been trying to keep track of when I'm ovulating as of the last 3 months or so. But I'm only doing it the estimated way. I'm still learning how to judge when I'm ovulating by vaginal secretions and such. That can be tricky. I'm always so upset when I start my period. Then I worry and wonder if maybe I'm one of those people who is pregnant but just doesn't know it.


Keshia - February 25

I had friends who tried for two years. They had pretty much given up and decided to focus on themselves for the time being. They both joined the gym and got healthy and in shape and bam! pregnant. I honestly believe it was because they finally took their health seriously and stopped worrying about it.


Raine - February 25

Some people are more fertile when they are in their 30s.
My ex and I had a lot of stupid unprotected sex when I was young and never had so much as a scare. Now that I'm over 30 it seems like my body is just ready. Everyone is different. If you still can't conceive in a few months maybe you and your boyfriend should get tested.


geraldine - February 26

Yes, i think it's about time that you seek help from the experts. It's not good to be always guessing about your condition the best thing is that get a correct info from the doctors so you will also be given a proper remedy on the situations you are now having.


kelly thomas - February 26

Like what you've said, you are still very young to suffer infertility problem. So, it's not good to immediately give up..continue on trying and seek proper help from the experts on what are ways you need to do in order to get pregnant.


joanne - February 26

Yeah, it's good that you need to seek an immediate help now that you still are very young and that has a high chances of treatment. Don't wait when you get old before you will ask for help.


jorge 25 - February 26



BOOZE - February 26

who don't like to have a baby? I would like to have a baby of my own. But if ever I would not have, I be just contented to adopt a child who are my relatives.


Jamie - April 9

I understand that you badly want to have baby. Don't pressure yourself too much. Just be patient with that and i wish you good luck Oriane.


ysah - April 10

Yes, you need to seek help already. As what you have shared to us, you are already 4 years in marriage and still no luck of getting pregnant? So, why hesitate of seeking help? It's about time that you know what's really the matter.



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