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Wearing Panties
13 Replies
Urline - February 10

an article says that wearing panties can be one of the factors of infertility. do you think is it true?


robelia - February 12 my life, i haven't experienced not wearing panties but why did i got pregnant..of course that's not true.what's the connection?


SarahG. - February 12

of course not...My goodness!!!Not wearing panties is the main reason why many girls out there got pregnant...hahaha...sounds funny!!


bernadette - February 12

Where did you get that idea?Even you yourself can answer that.First time to hear that...I've read many factors of infertility but this is not included.Sorry but nonsense question...


Gwenie - February 12

This has no basis at all.


jobelyn - February 16

What a silly information you have there. Most women are wearing come not all of them have infertility problems? I think this is really nonsense..and the writer of the article doesn't know what he or she is writing.


dnesh - February 16

O! really! I almost believe in this information because our Science teacher had also given this kind of information but it is not adoptable to all, it happens to few. hopefully we can read this article.


tonette - February 20

It's absolutely not true? How can a panty cause what way? It's an underwear for God's sake! And every women, young and old are wearing it.


Flor - April 13

WHAT!!! that can't be true.. Panties do not affect the fertility of women.


Miranda - April 14

This has no basis at all and does not make any sense at all.


nevic - April 14

I really don't think's an underwear and it's part of our body necessities so how come it could affect infertility? I really don't get it.


geraldine - September 11

if that 's the case, population could have been dead long time ago. anyway, personally speaking, i don't wear panties in bed as i am not used to. been actually doing this for the longest time. and to tell you honestly, i don't have a child until now. so, it's not true..


stacymolugo - October 7

According to me its not a true, because I wear panties before I have two kids, I had no problem with that. I have got my panties since two years at, because I love to wear panties, I like some open cut panties ans silk tight panties. I think its a rubbish don't worry ladies you can frankly wear sexy panties.


jennaf - December 25

I do not agree with this point of view, I often see my friends also underwear pants. And now they have their own children. And I think a good underwear to better protect our body. I chose panties



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