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why cant i get pregnant!
15 Replies
Jordaine - February 25

I'm very confused! I been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 months and nothing we been having sexual intercourse 3 times a week to make sure but nothing happens right know I have my menstrual period and I would like to know if there a change for me to get pregnant this time?after of course. I tried this method before but it didn't work out last month and still not pregnant. Is there something wrong with me? please any advice would be appreciated!


Nyssa - February 25

Hi Nyssa, why don't you get an ovulation kit at the pharmacy to check the days you ovulate? If you cant, then just take your body temperature everyday at the same time. The days you ovulate, your temp will be slightly higher than usual. So try extra on those days. But further you should relax, you cant conceive if you're stressed, so take it as it comes otherwise it will just take longer. My husband and I are trying to conceive for 1 month but we didn't call it Trying to conceive, we just had fun, and a fell pregnant immediately. also make sure you have a healthy diet. fresh fruit and veggies are best, no caffeine, less junk food, and a walk around the block everyday. Its an adventure!


Milena - February 25

It has been 2 years since we have been trying for a baby and nothing has happened. Everyone says don't worry about it when its going to happen it will happen. I try so hard not to think about it but its in my mind all the time and I get so depressed before my period. I have to be strong. Sometimes I don't even think about it but now I am stressing again. My husband is so understanding he tells me not to worry it takes time for sum couples. We are doing tests and they have been okay so far.


Paige - February 25

You may want to use a thermometer for basal temperature. We hear so many stories of people who tried and tried and then when they gave up and relaxed it just happened. That happened to my Aunt and Uncle, as soon as they arranged to adopt a baby, she found out she was pregnant and they ended up with 2 little ones 3 months apart - they had lots of fun making up stories when people got to questioning (back when they advised against telling child until they were older)


Aleka - February 25

I'm 39 and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now. About 3 months into to it I started to do a lot of research on what I needed to do to be healthy first that was my main concern. I started taking Folic Acid which is recommended for the first 3 months before getting pregnant. I then started checking to see when I was ovulating and come to find out I ovulate day 10 and 11 of my cycle which is pretty early. After 6 months I went to my GYN and she told me to start taking Prenatal Vitamins (stopped taking the folic Acid) and referred me to a Fertility Doc. It’s now been 3 ½ months that I’ve been seeing him and I found out the reason I’m not getting pregnant is because the opening to my Cervix is very small so the sperm in unable to travel. We just visited the Doc and he has recommended I do FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) shot for 5 days (because of my age I am not producing enough eggs as a 25 yr old does) and we will then go into his office when I ovulate and he will perform an IUI (intrauterine insemination) which is performed by threading a very thin flexible catheter through the cervix and injecting my husbands sperm directly into the uterus. Well, this is my story hopefully it will help some of you reading this.


fionah jane - February 26

You need to refer your problems to the experts, they can give the exact things or info you need to know just to get pregnant. Or they will be the right person who could tell if you have infertility problems or not.


Bryanne - February 26

to make the woman become pregnant it is in the calm side of personality, be aware that God is the creator and the man and the woman are the pro-creator of God. Pray with hope and confidence that God will really grant His blessings toward you.


zember - February 27

have you gone already to the doctors? If not, I suggest you to take time to consult your problem to them. I can not make any advices to you... but to confide your problem to the doctors.


crizza - February 27

extra effort i guess. trying alone is helpful but also try to examine the food you eat your diet, being stressed out and it is best to consult a doctor about it so you may know if something's wrong in your ovulation.


hinder - February 28

Bryanne: that is so nice of you to say that, knowing that you're a guy but your message was about offering this all to God which makes me be admire you for that. Thanks indeed!


jinky - March 1

I think the reason why you don't get pregnant because you do over should limit your sexual intercourse so that you will be able to save a lot of eggs and your partner could also save a lot of this way, it's a sure thing when you do sexual intercourse that you will really get pregnant.


jennie - March 17

I think you better ask your doctor about it..there's probably an exact reason why even if you tried your best to get pregnant, you still failed. I hope you don't have infertility issues..


lyndaMae - March 20

There are some reasons why a woman can't be able to conceive. The person who have this question in mind, asking every now and then, can blocked the illness/disabilities.


Charltee - March 25

Worries can make the person so stressful and if she is in the stressful life she may not do the right thing that must be done.Stay calm. Then follow the right things that must be done.


rose - April 9

I hope you don't mind if I ask this. How old are you? Age is one of the factors that would affect a women to get pregnant.


sofia - April 10

You better consult a doctor to know whether you are having infertility problems or not. it's good to find out a bit early so that you will be given proper treatment.



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