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Woman Athlete
13 Replies
Limche - March 26

I started to involve in Taekwoondo when I was six years old since then I always join in any competition. I am now marriage for about six months but still I have not yet pregnant and my thoughts pestering me about my being an athlete. Is there any connection of my failure in pregnancy for my being as an athlete?


geraldine - March 26

Well, 6 years is still too early to panic.Just cross the bridge when you get there. There are many women athletes who still able to get pregnant, so don't immediately still have chance of conceiving in the future.


celine - March 27

six months? too early to tell... there are some couples who had their first baby after 3, 4 or even 6 years. just give it a try first for the first year and from there you can decide as to whether you need a check up about not having baby.


tinette - March 28

There's no study that tells that a woman who are very into sports can be infertile. I have known lots of women who in spite of there being so athlete, they still manage to get pregnant.


Violet - March 28

If you are an athlete and a woman there's a possibility that you're action would be beyond normal in order to win the competition. But it is not a reason that you might become infertile. There are athletes who have children.


cheska - March 29

Yeah, being so athletic can't cause you to become infertile. Because joining sports is like having to exercise and be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle..and your body will also be in great shape.


monneth - March 29

Yeah! I do agree! Majority of the people or women who are very much athletics are more health conscious also..that is why it's so impossible that they will encounter some health problems especially infertility.


Ethen - March 29

If an athlete has an extraneous practice and during the competition, to aim to become a winner, does the same thing then we must expect the effect of infertility to the athlete.


cheska - March 30

Well, infertility problem happens to anybody, whether a person is an athlete or not.


bea - March 30

Not getting pregnant has nothing to do with being an athlete. There's no connection because I've known many woman athlete who already have baby.It's too early to presume.The right thing you have to do is to have check up.


Madeline - April 5

You know, it is too early to give conclusion . I don't think that you are an infertile woman. Just take it easy, don't be in a hurry.


Sharon - April 5

Nope, I don't believe there are lots of woman athletes in the world that are able to get pregnant and have many kids..I think it depends on the situation they are having being an athlete.


HaraMe - April 6

I guess there's nothing to worry with that 6 mos of not conceiving yet; and the more that you're an athlete, you are a health conscious individual so you are physically fit.


Clare - April 9

Try to seek advice to the physician who specializing this kind of physical problem. But don't conform any negative thoughts. See the sunny side of every situation that may come.



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